The growth Panama is currently living is historic, based on indicators such as population, GDP, GDP per capita, foreign direct investment, external debt and GDP growth projection 2015. In our article today, the comparison will be between Panama and the Central American countries according to the indicators for each country.

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* The largest population in the region is in Guatemala, with 15.4 million of
inhabitants, versus 3.8 million Panama.

* As for GDP, leading Dominican Republic with US $ 60,695 million versus 42,648 in Panama, and the GDP per capita is led by Panama with US $ 11,037, followed closely by the Dominican Republic with 5,897. Best GDP growth forecast has 2015 Panama with 6.6% of GDP versus Costa Rica with 4.1%.

* Foreign Direct Investment is headed by Panama, with US $ 4,651 million and its closest follower is Costa Rica with US $ 2,682. The external debt is headed by Dominican Republic with US $ 15,892 million versus US $ 12,231 in Panama.

It is no secret that Panama is the country’s with faster growth in the Central American region. Indicators prove it. Thus, the country is becoming an economy with great potential, which could become the envy of many countries. On several occasions, Panama has been called “the Dubai of Central America”.

According to information published by the information portal El Financiero, despite these encouraging signs, the decision makers of the country should prepare so it can leave future generations a truly stable and sufficient strength for the economy in the coming decades.

Only from the perspective of external debt, Panama maintains about 30% of debt compared to its GDP. Nicaragua is the most indebted in the region with 40%, while other healthy economies like Costa Rica, represents only 15%.

The new opportunities that will bring commissioning of the expanded canal, the start of the second metro line, the growth of tourism and other major economic enhancers, should be seen as catalysts for the generation of solid and stable jobs that minimize social resentment and ensure harmony and coexistence.

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