An attractive undisputed in Panama are its beaches. Being an isthmus has access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Blue waters and white sands, on the coast or on an island. The beach areas have important real estate developments considered by many as places of retreat thanks to its beauty.

We have done a research where we conducted a survey of more than 600 users in order to know which beach area in Panama are more interested the people in and willing to invest.

These are the results reflected in our survey:

beach apartments in Panama

We can see that sectors who lead the survey are 4 areas of beaches in Panama:

Rio Mar with 68%
Coronado with 46%
Punta Chame with 44%
Santa Clara 40%

These beach areas in Panama have excellent roads to connect the city with beautiful coastal areas of the Pacific and the Caribbean. You can go surfing, fishing and sailing.

The growth of real estate market in Panama has had in recent years is undeniable: The construction of housing complexes, the revival of trade corridors, development of new industrial parks, among others, latent and patents are examples of growth.

Thanks to all these modalities can make a diagnosis of what awaits the real estate business in Panama which reported large real estate experts will be beneficial for most real estate investors .

In this turbulent economic times, the evaluation of profitable investment options can be a difficult task. Historically , the real estate industry has always been as a safe investment mechanism. However, there are properties that have a much higher return on investment: beach properties. Here we mention the five factors that most influenced the consolidation of this niche.

beach apartments in Panama

Data that you surely didn’t know about the demand for beach apartments in Panama:

  • The inventory of beach apartments in Panama in front of the sea, could grow by 50% in three years, thanks to demand for domestic and foreign buyers.
  • Buying beach apartments in Panama, is not a subject that is limited only to foreigners in Panama.
  • Although prices range between $200,000 and one million dollars , Panamanians from high and upper middle class also position themselves as buyers of such properties.

There are more than 500 units of  beach apartments for rent in Panama with strong demand demonstrated by sales during the planning and construction in three districts, amounting to 46.5 %, and it is expected that over the next three years, inventory increase.

More and more financial companies are interested in investing in real estate in Panama since it represents a significant long-term benefits with minimal risk compared to other investments, such as the stock market.

The real estate market in Panama is very stable, unlike other investments, usually , not usually fluctuate quickly . Housing, therefore , is an insured investment , as long as it is done properly and with the advice of professionals.

You can meet our real estate beach apartment for sale in Panama and have the beach house you so desire .

What does motivate you to invest in property on the beaches of Panama? The second part of our article, will let you know the main factors that motivate people to invest in a property in the beach area!

Wait for it…

beach apartments in Panama

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