The first impression of any house is the entrance hall, from the door to the living room. It is the space that most people see (at the entrance and the exit), and shows your tastes and the style that you like the most. So, think about how to decorate the entrance hall of your house. That is why, in our article today, we are going to talk about the trends in modern halls.

Usually, the floors have small entrances that form part of the corridor that communicates with the kitchen, bathroom and even some room. It is important before we think about what we want, be aware of the size we have. They have to be an entrance that does not load a lot of sight, with just elements.

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Once inside, it is important to get lighting as natural as possible, at the entrance. The decoration of the entrance will always depend on the available space, so that above all our design must be able to adapt to the place and make it pleasant and invite access to the interior

It is imperative that there be illumination, to be as natural as possible. That the stay is cozy, with simple and useful elements. Usually these are the decorative elements of the reception: A small table where you can put the keys and the mail when you arrive, accompanied by a mirror to take a look before leaving.

modern halls

Another option is a small shoemaker in which you can leave your shoes of the day and change it for the comfort of the shoes to be in the house or the pleasure of walking barefoot.

modern halls

Now, we propose to give a new air to the hall of your house. It is the entrance to your world and the moment to put it in fashion with these proposals that are trend.

TOP 5 of the trendiest styles of modern halls

1. Mini Receiver

A bench, stool or foothold to sit, comes in handy. It can be useful to leave the coat and the bag a moment before leaving or to fit you comfortably. With a basket nearby you can have your home sneakers ready to fit you when you get home.

modern halls

2. With coat rack

A coat rack and an ornament are enough to make the hall comfortable. You only have to take care of the decoration of the walls, put a carpet and that’s it!

modern halls

3. All in One

Many “all-in-one” furniture is available in the market. With them you solve the furniture in one piece. They incorporate benches, storage space, mirror and even hangers.

modern halls

4. Classic

The following proposal, presents a nice furniture with light, a console or sideboard, which serves as support just entering the house, and looks modern with an elegant style.

modern halls

5. Light and functional

This hall has been solved with very light and basic furniture. A pair of benches to put shoes on and a wall shelf. All painted in green. It completes some hangers fixed to the wall between both pieces.

The hall is a good place to place a composition of pictures and photographs on the wall. It is a very decorative solution that will serve to customize the space.

modern halls

There are hundreds of ways to decorate the entrance of your house. That represents the style that goes with your personality or that of the property. But undoubtedly, there are places where we can find furniture, accessories and much more to decorate our house at an affordable cost with a modern and beautiful look.

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