The Biomuseum of Panama, spectacular work of Canadian architect Frank Gehry, is one of the most impressive new cutural spaces worldwide. This museum, joins seven others located in different parts of the world, which will take a look at our article today.

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* The Biomuseum of Panama, spectacular work of Canadian architect Frank Gehry, is one of the most impressive new cutural spaces worldwide.

* The building has 4,000 square meters divided into eight galleries and represents the Isthmus of Panama, which emerged from the sea and joined two continents.

* Other great museums worldwide are the Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing (China), the National Maritime Museum, Elsinore (Denmark), MuCEM, Marseille (France), the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (Netherlands) among others.

It is commonly thought that the infrastructure of museums, goes according to what they have to offer. We usually associate a museum with an ancient and imposing structure. But over the years, the way we see things has changed and today, museums are characterized by modern designs and unusual architecture.

According to information published by the BBC news portal, the new eight most impressive museums worldwide are: Biomuseum of Panama, the Sifang Art Museum in Nanjing (China), National Maritime Museum in Helsingor (Denmark), the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam (Netherlands), the MuCEM in Marseille (France), the Maritime Museum in Porsgrunn in Norway and Chang Ucchin Museum in South Korea.

The Biomuseum, designed by Canadian architect Frank Gehry, just opened last May, is one of the projects with most attention for its unusual exterior design. The Biomuseum is located at the entrance of the Canal and is Gehry’s first design in Latin America. With this, the father of Guggenheum Museum in Bilbao, Spain, has once again created an infrastructure that demands attention. The building has 4,000 square meters divided into eight galleries.

Then we can find the Museum of Art Sifang, Nanjing (China), designed by American architect Steven Holl, who, with this project, wanted to continue the expansion that made the Art Museum Nelson-Atkins in Kansas, United States, and his After recreating the “parallel perspectives” characteristics of Chinese painting. He wanted to create “a mysterious feel to the space.” According to Holl himself to design the Nanjing Sifang Art Museum was inspired by artists who rejected the prospect of single vanishing point of the western painters. The museum, co-designed by Chinese architect Li Hu, was opened in November 2013.

In turn, the National, Maritime Museum Helsingor (Denmark), whose architectural firm was in charge of the Danish Bjarke English Group (BIG), broke the rules with its proposal to design the new Maritime Museum in Helsingor. According to the public announcement, the center would be located on a dry dock. However, the architects decided to make it into the dock.

Another of the new best museums is the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (Netherlands). Neoclassical chapel designed by the Italian architect Giovanni Giudici in 1787 was a neglected area until the architectural firm MVRDV began to transform it, and today is the heart of the Stedelijk Museum. A business park on the outskirts of Toronto is the unlikely setting of a new building that houses Islamic art in North America.

The MuCEM located in Marseille, France, is the first museum dedicated to the cultures of the Mediterranean opened in 2013 as part of the celebrations of the European Capital of Culture. It was designed by French architect Rudy Ricciotti of Algerian origin and cost $ 242 million. The MuCEM structure is covered with cement and filigree.

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