There is a small place on the coast of the Azuero Peninsula known as Pedasi. This town is the kind of small town where people leave their doors open to the street and usually sit outside their houses wooden rocking oversized, enjoying the breeze and chatting with their neighbors. Pedasi, besides having very beautiful beaches, lately has evolved into one of the favorite places to retire in Panama, after Coronado. In our article today, we will know a little more of this particular village that attracts many American retirees, among other tourists.

Gogetit Highlights

* Pedasí is located on the coast, and the city is 3 kilometers from the sea, where boats can be hired for the short trip to Iguana Island or to where the continental shelf drops off into the ocean, allowing the practice of activities such like fishing.

* Pedasí is characterized by a rural atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle that has begun to attract attention among American retirees.

* While tourism is a growing component of the local economy, the pillars are livestock, agriculture and fisheries. This is an agricultural country, with fields of cattle, rice, corn, sugarcane and coffee all around.

Pedasí is a place that allows a simple and quiet life, surrounded by beautiful beaches and great weather. This place, located in the Azuero Peninsula, has positioned itself as one of the favorite places to retire in Panama. Although Coronado is the most common option, Pedasí seems to keep up.

According to information published by News 360 website, Pedasí is a very affordable option, because a couple could retire along with a budget of just U.S.$ 1,200 per month. In addition, the population of Pedasí has approximately 2000 inhabitants and you can get everything you need to live day to day in the city, even without having car. There are small and medium-sized supermarkets, two bakeries, a candy (sweet pastry), and many restaurants.

Pedasí has a large agricultural base, which provides access to high-quality fresh produce. In addition, Pedasí has a public health clinic, two banks and a small public library. Pedasí is also well known for the quality of its fishing. The region is called Costa Tuna due to the large amount of large yellowfin tuna that was relatively close to the coast.

In recent years, two world surfing championships have benefited from the south along the coast of Pedasí at Playa Venao. Famous waves with heights between 5-10 feet in Playa Venao are surfable most of the year. Other points of interest near Pedasí surf breaks include Playa El Toro, Playa la Miel, Los Panamaes, and Los Destiladeros. Surfing is an important part of local culture and a major tourist attraction.

It is important to notice that the year’s largest in the Azuero Peninsula celebration, takes place in the nearby village north of Pedasí, Las Tablas. However, one of the attractions of Pedasí is the ideal place to witness the annual migration of humpback location. The main whale watching season is from June to November.

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