Panama is a country that attracts large numbers of tourists throughout the year. The fact that, for many passengers, instead of connection between a flight and another, can always reach tourists from all over the world to visit our country. But many people wonder: What are the places you should go on a visit to Panama? In our article today, we will present them.

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* The Panama Canal is one of the main attractions of the country, which celebrated 100 years in August 2014 and is considered one of the greatest feats of engineering the world has ever seen.

* The beaches of Panama, located in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, offer paradisiacal landscapes that nobody can resist. An example of this is Bocas del Toro.

* Tribes of Indians in Panama, have a long history of their ancestors, and the fort of Portobelo, is the setting for stories of pirates.

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Panama is a country that has it all. Its impressive city full of skyscrapers; its people, the security offered by the country and low levels of unemployment make any tourist wants to stay in the country. Tourism in Panama is also very diverse, as there are many options to learn, explore, learn and enjoy.

According to a report by CNN, there are 11 places that every tourist should visit when going to Panama.

1.- Panama Canal:

It offers a unique spectacle to see the boats crossing two oceans. The Miraflores Visitor Center, in addition to the views, offers a 3D movie projection and the history of the Canal.

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2.- Casco Antiguo:

Another place that is certainly of tourist sites in Panama and must not fail to be visited is the Casco Antiguo of Panama, Panama City. Orange tile roofs and colonial Spanish architecture of Old Panama City, are in contrast to the skyscrapers of the bay. It also has a very attractive nightlife for locals and foreigners.

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3.-Bocas del Toro:

Located on the northwest coast of the Caribbean, this tropical archipelago of nine islands has retained a strong influence of the West Indies. Ecotourism and adventure, have some of the best diving and surf breaks in the country.

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It is the ideal choice. It is a small village located on the slopes of Volcan Baru, in the highlands of Chiriqui. There are hiking, rafting and rock climbing right on the doorstep and 500 of 972 bird species found in Panama Province, including the highly sought Quetzal. Boquete is home to some of the best coffee producers in the world.

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5.-Emberra indians:

Take the place number five on the list of tourist attractions in Panama, who occupy it possible to understand the indigenous roots of Panama. Through canoe on the Chagres River, you can go through woven straw houses deep in the jungle before reaching the village Emberra, home to one of the nine major indigenous groups in the country. It is a magical place, although some well rehearsed, but the experience is worth it just for lunch caught fresh tilapia spear.

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6 y 7.- Chocolate Farm and Gatun Lake:

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8.-Biodiversity museum:

It opened in June 2014 on the Amador Causeway. Inside is one of the best natural history exhibits is likely to see.

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9.- Portobelo:

It takes tourists to see where, in 1596, the English buccaneer Sir Francis Drake found his dreadful end against the Spanish cannons Portobello. His strong still remain and visitors can enjoy the history of pirates, visit the church of San Felipe, where the statue of the Black Christ attracts thousands of pilgrims every lunch October 21 and grip in El Palenque, an idyllic spot at the edge of the water.

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In Panama City, it is a little place that fish lovers can not miss:

10..-Seafood Market:

It is considered the best place to eat in the city of Panama, with a good restaurant that attracts tourists and several stalls crowded tasting accompanied by cookies and hot pepper freshly caught ceviche.

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11.- San Blas Islands:

They are majestic and wonderful, are owned, operated and protected by the Kuna Indians. This archipelago of atolls of the north coast of Panama, has a tropical island for every day of the year, plus a few to spare (378 to be exact, 49 of which are inhabited).

places in panama

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