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Siuma Realty
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Siuma Realty

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Siuma Realty

Siuma Realty

Inmobiliaria en Panama
Siuma Realty - Inmobiliaria en Panama | Gogetit | Leaders in the real estates and brokerage sector of the Panamanian market. The company began its operation in the year 2000; as a result of the diversification of the Grupo Siuma (before Grupo Semusa), leader of the insurance brokerage industry and other sectors.For more than 10 years we have represented one of the mayor franchises in real estates worldwide. Regionally, we has established our-self as leader of the franchise between 2006 and 2011 and has been annually acknowledged among the best operations, worldwide.Due to the recognitions of Grupo Siuma (before Grupo Semusa) at the local level, we decided to develop our own group strategies, becoming to be known as the Group own brand. Siuma Realty is organized (before Semusa Realty) increasing the levels of service to customers, thus creating lifelong relationships.Active member of ACOBIR, the Panamanian Associations of Real Estates Brokers and Promoters; the National Association of Real Estates Brokers (NAR); the American Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Panama (PANAMCHAM) and the Spanish Chamber in Panama.

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