Saying that Panama City is the real city of skyscrapers throughout Latin America is obvious to anyone visiting the city. Moreover, it is one of the cities with more buildings of its kind worldwide. In fact, some of the skyscrapers in Panama are on the list of the 200 highest buildings in the world. In our article today, we will take a look at the tallest buildings in Panama City.

Skyscrapers in Panama – Gogetit Highlights

  • Until early 2000, there was barely four buildings exceeding 150 meters. Since then, the construction of skyscrapers in Panama accelerated, with buildings that exceed nowdays the 250 meters.
  • Most of the skyscrapers in Panama are located in areas facing the Pacific, such as Avenida Balboa, Costa del Este and Punta Pacifica.
  • The tallest building in Panama is the Trump Ocean Club, located in Punta Pacifica, followed by Vitri Tower, located in Costa del Este.

Various economic reasons explain the housing boom of the city and huge growth in these buildings over fifty stories.

The decade of the 1970s is the great period of the Panamanian buildings due to hosting the XI Central American and Caribbean Sports Games. However, until the early 2000s, there were hardly four buildings in excess of 150 meters. Since then, the construction of skyscrapers in Panama accelerated, with buildings that exceed the 250 meters. In fact, it is estimated that more than 182 buildings throughout the city are over 100 meters, most of them facing the Pacific area.

Skyscrapers in Panama – Top 10 of tallest buildings:

1) Trump Ocean Club, Among the skyscrapers in Panama, was built on Punta Pacifica in 2011. For a time was the highest building in Latin America, with its 284 meters high and 70 floors.

2) Vitri Tower, Panama’s second skyscraper in height, with its 275 meters of residential use, located in Costa del Este.

3) Star Bay Tower, located off the coastal strip. It measures 267 meters, was built in 2013, with 68 floors and beautiful stained glass windows that make you stand out.

4) The Point, reaches 266 meters, with 67 residential floors, built in Paitilla, facing the Panama Bay, in 2010.

5) Towerbank Financial Center, a building with 255 meters and 58 floors of office space, built in 2011 on the important avenue of Panama, Calle 50.

skyscrapers in Panama

6) Ocean Two, in Costa del Este, built in 2010, has 73 floors of residential use.

7) Yoo & Arts Tower, located on Avenida Balboa, 78-floors of mixed-use, embedded in 246 meters.

8) Pearl of the Sea, in Costa del Este, measuring 242,2 meters high, built in 2011, with 70 residential floors.

9) Rivage, built in 2011, rises up to 233.2 meters on Avenida Balboa and has 68 residential floors.

10) Waters on the Bay, in 2011, has 69 floors for residential use, in a total height of 232 meters.

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