The Google Day for Real Estate is an event held by Gogetit, which shows the latest trends in digital marketing and its impact on the real estate sector. This event was attended by prominent exhibitors in the field, including a digital expert from Google Latin America invited from Mexico.

All of them, presented the latest trends and the most important data hand in hand with Google in partnership with our Gogetit experts in real estate.

The world of technology, every time has more penetration in all aspects of our daily lives. And the real estate sector doesn’t escape to this.

A highly relevant content, such as digital trends on real estate searches in Panama, analysis of the real estate market, how to invest in digital, importance of design on the success of a digital campaign, among others, were just some of the topics presented in the Google Day for Real Estate.

Google Day for Real Estate
A massive attendance of personalities of the real estate sector in Panama, gathered in this event, who had the opportunity to learn about important statistics about the behavior of sales and searches of properties for sale and for rent, in addition to the different digital tools that currently exist.

Highlights on Google Day for Real Estate

  • The event, showed the latest trends and the most important data from real estate experts, exposed by Google and our experts from Gogetit.
  • The users of mobile technology, specifically of smartphones, represent 55% of the total population, counted in 2.2 million people.
  • One of two searches on Google, is done from a mobile device, and 9 out of 10 users search for a product on the Internet before consuming it or buying it.
  • Only in the real estate industry in Panama, the number of annual searches is 4.7 million.

Google Day for Real Estate

In recent days, Panama had one of the most important events in the real estate industry: The Google Day for Real Estate, presenting a large amount of relevant information with the participation of experts in Google and Gogetit.

The first quarter of 2018, has been characterized as a recovery year in real estate sector. Little by little, we can see how the supply is stabilizing with demand. This is calculated by the number of months it takes the market to absorb the real estate offer.

In the last two months, there has been a growth of 14% in real estate projects, whose value is greater than US$ 120,000.

On the other hand, the penetration of the internet in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and South America, is constantly increasing, forcing the real estate market to enter in digital marketing.

Get to know a little more about the experts and the topics discussed

Google Day for Real Estate

Paolo Pérez – Google Expert in Real Estate

Paolo’s speech was about discussing the evolution of Real Estate searches in Panama and the new technologies that are presented for this 2018. In his participation, he explained that one of every two searches in Google, is done from a mobile device, which shows that currently, there is 55% of the population that uses the cellphone to do their searches.

Google Day for Real Estate

The expert, highlights that the new trend, “is not only digital, it is mobile”, often positioning the phone on the computer, for its ease of access and portability.

Pérez emphasized the recommendation to work and even leverage Google Premier Partners, such as Gogetit, specialized in real estate marketing.

Google Day for Real Estate

Christian García – Market analysis: How to detect sales opportunities?

The Director of Gogetit, in his speech, referred to the number of searches on the website, which are approximately 350 thousand per month.

80% of the rental market has the most properties of US $ 3,000 down. However, most of it is concentrated below US $ 2,000.

Google Day for Real Estate

Plus, the demand for real estate is focused on properties with a maximum value of US$ 300,000.

On the other hand, García states that in projects of more than US$ 120,000 we see a growth of 14% in the last two months, which predicts that 2018 will be a year of stabilization.

As an additional point to all these relevant data, we talked about the “Lead Nurturing”, which consists of a series of strategies that seek to bring the potential customer to the materialization of the meeting with the project, and that this can complete the purchase.

Google Day for Real Estate

Óscar Álvarez – Data Driven Design

The Co-Founder and Creative Director of Gogetit, highlighted the importance of good design in the success of a digital campaign.

A landing page (or home page) must meet certain characteristics that make the user friendly on the page, and that likewise, invite to visit the entire site until completing the form, so that the sales department can contact the customer.

One of the statements presented by Alvarez, explains how luxury real estate care much more your information over the rest of the other projects.

Google Day for Real Estate

Alberto Álvarez – Projections of the real estate market for 2018 and innovation

The CEO of Gogetit, in his speech, made a summary of everything discussed in the Google Day for Real Estate and also presented an innovative element, known as GoBot.

The GoBot, is a virtual real estate assistant based on Artificial Intelligence. It works as a chatbot system to answer questions and generate automatic leads in customer landings, generating leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to have a person (or group of people). This system can handle hundreds of people making queries at the same time.

Google Day for Real Estate

Because the largest number of questions and concerns about real estate projects are made after six in the afternoon, the figure of GoBot will seek, among other things, to gather the necessary information and resolve as many doubts that users have about the different real estate projects.

There is no doubt that the Google Day for Real Estate is an event that will be repeated soon, thanks to the high acceptance by brokers and real estate developers.