Construction of apartments in Obarrio, is still on the news, because the Ministry of Housing and Land Management (Miviot) issued a resolution on March 29 that was to change the zoning code of 42 farms located in Obarrio, Bella Vista area.

“Obarrio, located in Bella Vista area, will house tallest buildings and shopping centers that will increase density.”

The resolution presented, argues that the changes respond to a request from the community, but the president of the Association of Owners and Residents of Obarrio, Lucía Silvestre de Stratmann, said that there was no public consultation for these changes.

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  • The Ministry of Housing and Land Management (Miviot) issued a decision on March 29 that changes the zoning code of 42 farms: low and medium density residential “high density” and “urban commercial mixed high density”.
  •  This document, allows the construction of multifamily buildings, semi-detached houses and rowhouses, with a net density of up to 1,500 people per hectare. It also authorizes the construction of commercial facilities.
  • Specifically, the Ministry of Housing and Land Management, modified the zoning of farms between Abel Bravo Avenue, the Nicanor de Obarrio Avenue, Via Brazil and 56th Street east, prompting legal action by the mayor.

apartments in Obarrio

Obarrio, located in the metropolitan area of ​​Panama, has become the scene of a controversy over a resolution presented by the Ministry of Housing and Land Management. This provision, modified land of low and medium density residential and mixed commercial urban high density, which would allow the construction of more apartments in Obarrio, plus shops and offices.

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The Mayor of Panama, Jose Blandon, said the Mayor of Panama is the only competent authority to make changes in land use: “The Miviot, to our knowledge, is not competent to make zoning changes made in Obarrio area Bella Vista “.

In their arguments, the mayor warns that, should the validity of the resolution, “irreversible” damage would occur to the urban environment of the city. However, the Miviot maintains that it is competent to changes in land use and based on scientific facts to make this decision.

For its part, the president of the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects and exviceminister of  Housing, José Batista, stated that doesn’t agree with the action of Miviot as to the “form”: “Right now, the mayor is empowered for that matter. While it requires Obarrio densify to prevent expansion of the city towards the periphery, create the infrastructure for that and right now there is nothing, “she contributed.

However, the number of apartments in Obarrio not seem to diminish. Housing projects in Panama, now have many real estate deals. One of them, for example, is the Obarrio 53 project, located in one of the best and most established residential neighborhoods of the new Panama.

apartments in Obarrio

This building and the distribution of spaces, have been optimally designed to take full advantage. Obarrio 53 provides five levels of offices and independent access from 20m2 commercial premises on the ground floor. In addition, it has apartments of 2, 3, and up to 4 bedrooms, distributed in 19 residential floors, with pool and social area on the 32nd floor.

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