The first International Financial Summit for Investment and Business will be held for the first time in Panama this October 12 and 13. This event is organized by the Banking Association of Panama (ABP), which brings together more than 70 banks in more than 30 countries in America, Europe and Asia, operating in the International Financial Centre of the country.

The meeting will bring together bankers who will discuss the strengths, advantages and robustness of the system.

In this first edition of the International Finance Summit, various topics of interest will be discussed. The agenda includes the challenges of the global financial system and Latin American context, among other important issues.

international financial summit

International Financial Summit – Gogetit Highlights

  • On October 12 and 13, Panama will host the First International Financial Summit for Investment and Business.
  • This summit will take place at the Convention Center of Hotel Trump Ocean Club, where rooms are available at special rates guaranteed for participants.
  • In the last decade, Panama has registered economic growth rates among the highest in the world, and has emerged as one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment.

Panama has been, for a long time, an emporium of vibrant economic activity, driven by its geographical position and provided logistical, financial and international trade, based on the use of the US dollar as legal tender and an economic system and open and transparent financial.

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The International Banking Center of Panama, recognized as the most important and robust in Latin America, has a presence in more than 80 banks from 30 countries in North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

In the coming days, Panama will host the first International Finance and Investment Business Summit. This initiative responds to the importance of promoting the strengths, advantages and importance of the Panamanian financial system; funding opportunities offered to domestic and international investors in various areas, including banking and insurance, construction and real estate development, transportation, energy, trade and industry, logistics and distribution, among others.

international financial summit

The organizing committee chairman, Fabio Riaño, said the recent expansion of the Panama Canal, represents a major trade and investment opportunities in the logistics sector which, in turn, requires financing and other banking services growth.

‘These conditions combine to make the International Finance Summit aimed at senior management of financial institutions, international investors, consulting firms, transnational entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in an effective forum for discussion of global and regional issues affecting investment, trade and international business’, explained Riaño.

The agenda of conferences and round tables, include relevant issues and current events related to the vision of international organizations and multilateral banks, as the challenges of the financial system in the global and Latin American context, the contribution of international financial centers to enhance development and bilateral and multilateral international agreements, guaranteeing transparency in financial activities in Panama.

international finacial summit

If you want to know more about the first International Finance Summit in Panama, you can enter on their website, where you will find information about the different lectures, conferences and exhibitors.

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