Foreigners who have arrived in Panama, have faced a number of difficulties because there are certain restrictions to hold certain positions. While other countries are actively seeking to attract foreign labor, especially skilled labor in Panama seeks to protect the work of nationals, reaching a point at which many companies that want to hire foreigners, they can not do so because the code I work.

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* Many companies that have interest in establishing operations in Panama, have refrained from doing so to learn that they are severely restricted the hiring of skilled foreign workers.

* In Panama, there are a number of laws that hinder the work of foreigners, established by the Labour Code.

* There ban foreigners from engaging in commerce retail, contained in Article 288 of the Constitution. This prohibition becomes a huge barrier to foreign investment that could be in the form of development of micro, small retail companies.

In Panama, for a foreigner to work, you must meet a long list of requirements that, in many cases, discourage companies that want to hire foreigners. This leads to ask the question: Is profits or the economy and national development is impaired with this labor protectionism?

According to information published by website in the United States, for example, not nationality for the pursuit of professions is required. A Panamanian lawyer can go to America to practice the profession, provided it complies with the required knowledge tests, a requirement that has to fill an American.

No discrimination on grounds of nationality. The same applies to all professions (doctors, engineers, architects, economists) and crafts. It is because of this that the level of intellectual, scientific, professional and technology of the United States is very advanced.

In Panama, however, an example of the opposite phenomenon, ie, intellectual and professional openness is the banking center. In the early 70s, the international banking center was established, widely allowing international banks bring in foreign workers.

Since the banking center was being created, there was in Panama an experienced and skilled workforce to meet this business. It was necessary to allow the entry of foreign bankers to the sector’s development was given.

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