The “Smart City” technology project is already a reality in Panama City. Since January 18, Panama City will offer the use of free Wi-Fi in several strategic points of the city, among other novelties, with the purpose of turning the city into a “smart city”, such as has already seen in some cities in Europe and the United States.

Smart cities promise to improve the quality of life for their citizens. The more efficient use of resources will expedite the process of creating more friendly cities with their citizens and visitors.

This initiative, led by the Mayor of Panama, has been running for approximately two years, seeking to put technology to the service of all citizens.

smart city technology

Smart City Technology – Gogetit Highlights

  • Smart City technology is a new technology service that consists on the use of free Wifi, digital screens at bus stops and the installation of a small antenna amplification coverage to give a better service to the community.
  • The novelty was launched by the Mayor of Panama, together with the French multinational JCDecaux and the internet company WIGO.
  • This Smart City technology was launched in more than 50 points within the capital city.

It is no secret to anyone that the internet is now the leading information tool worldwide. The large cities of Europe and the United States have implemented strategies for the use of the internet by all citizens, in order to allow greater connectivity and greater access to any information or any service required.

The number of smartphones that comes every month to the market, makes it imperative to use the internet for optimal operation of these phones. And even though many telephone companies offer internet browsing plans, Wi-Fi connectivity is always the most sought after, since it does not represent a consumption to the personal data.

Just as in many other cities in the world you can get open internet in any public place, in Panama this will now be a reality thanks to the new Smart City technology that has come to the city.

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smart city technology

This project, launched by the Mayor of Panama, together with the French multinational JCDecaux and the internet company WIGO, has been running for some years, but it wasn’t until just a couple of days ago that the project succeeded in materializing.

The new service known as Smart City Technology, consists of the use of free WIFI, digital screens at bus stops and the installation of small antennas amplification coverage, to give a better service to the community.

What will be the access points in the city?

In more than fifty points of Panama City, Smart City technology has been enabled, with which the population can have access to the Internet through Wi-Fi for free.

Access to the network will be available at the following points:

* First, third and fourth stop of the Cinta Costera, on Avenida Balboa.
* Via Israel, in front of the Justo Arosemena Institute.
* Via Porras, in front of Parque Omar.
* Transístmica, in Arts and Crafts.
* Via España, at the José Dolores Moscote School.
* Avenida José A. Arango, next to the Xtra of Los Pueblos 2.
* José María Torrijos Avenue, in front of the Pio Pio of El Parador.
* Via Cincuentenario, in Old Panama, playing field 2.
* Tumbamuerto, next to the USMA.

smart city technology

What services will be provided?

Three services will be provided. The first, will be in charge of Wigo, which will offer a simple and intuitive wifi connectivity service. The second will be through digital mupis, where citizens can be informed of socio-cultural events.

Third, use will be made of “Small Cells” (small antennas), which will amplify the coverage to cellular operators.

There is no doubt that this new technology Smart City, will increase the connectivity between users and services, and will benefit to a great extent to the citizens.

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