E-commerce also known as e-commerce is taking high importance in European countries United States and Canada, but Latin America is not far behind with these developments; only in the period between 2012 and 2013 it had a 48% growth. Just last year the market closed more than $ 52mil million and is expected for 2018 exceed $ 80 thousand million.

E-commerce in Panama and its great impact on the country

E-commerce in Panama is so important that international companies are evolving with the market and at work to continue offering its customers the best service ever.

E-commerce in Panama is at the top of the fastest growing channels in the country, followed by convenience stores rank second. This is due, among other things, to the penetration of smartphones in the market (100% penetration). Today it is very rare to find people who do not use a smartphone as a means of communication and this allows them to have quick and immediate access to online shopping sites or “online”. In addition to purchases of accessories or personal items, trade “online” also allows payment for services and other such basic such as a cinema ticket, fast food, or even a taxi service purchases. Impressive right?

Although e-commerce in Panama taking increasingly force in business, one of the factors of interest to the companies with the service provide security for their customers, being a practically new service there is still a lot of people who refuse to use it and that is why you are going to mechanisms that help assess the risk level of transactions in order to refine and validate the information so that the customer and seller are insured at the time of payment.

The first is to have a complete and functional website, with well-specified products and meets the requirements set by banks and / or processors. And keep in mind that all electronic business must meet certain security requirements to prevent fraud either the customer or the seller.


Most often people use internet for any service, not just do it from the comfort of their homes, but also for the convenience and immediacy that the Internet can provide.

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