Panama City is a country full of opportunities and that is the most prosperous, modern and cosmopolitan cities in Latin America with 3.5 million inhabitants. This country has many advantages over other countries in Latin America and here we tell you what they are.

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Panama City has a free zone that ranks second in the Western Hemisphere, where you can buy tax-free goods.
Large and modern shopping malls that offer shopaholics hundreds of luxurious shops with merchandise of all kinds and all brands, including the most recognized worldwide.

City Active:
In Panama City, the nights breath emotion and action, the natural joy of Panamanians and the many foreigners who now reside in Panama overflows leading to a lively nightlife. Restaurants, theaters, clubs, casinos, discos and pubs enliven the nights of the city, offering visitors opportunities for relaxation with good food, fun, music of all genres, artistic performances.

Tropical climate:
Panama City has a tropical climate. Temperatures are relatively high and vary little during the year. On the day in Panama City, temperatures range between 24 ° C (75.2 ° F) and 29 ° C (84.2 ° F). In the Pacific, temperatures are usually lower than in the Caribbean.

Panama City

Panama is of interest to people of all ages looking to relocate to a new and exotic country, the young entrepreneur, the baby booms, travelers and anyone looking for an alternative lifestyle.

Panama City is a country where you can maintain the current lifestyle for less money, the benefit of retired residents is part of the retirement program more attractive and favorable Latin America. Local residents do not pay taxes on income earned abroad. Retirees can bring your new car and furniture every two years.

In Panama will not have to worry about the unfavorable exchange rate, since the US dollar is the official currency. The cost of food, utilities, health and entertainment are substantially lower than in the United States and Canada.

Panama medical care is among the best anywhere. The quality of health care is comparable to the US, but the prices are half or less! A local insurance company Panama can provide comprehensive medical insurance for less than $ 50 a month per person. Even if you have to pay out of pocket medical expenses are still accessible.

In Panama, the service staff is accessible for many people compared to prices in the United States. A person full time to domestic activities can be contracted by approximately $ 250 per month.

In Panama all legal residents can purchase property. Retirees do not pay property taxes until they sell their homes. Taxes on new homes, there is an exemption of 20 years.

The property prices are very reasonable compared to those you would find in the US, Canada or Europe. A modest and comfortable apartment can be rented for $ 400.00 per month.

A luxury apartment in the best area of the city of Panama can range from $ 1800.00 to 2500.00 monthly. A new house can be purchased for approximately $ 50,000.00.

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An investment in Panama City today is much better than a real estate investment in California 30 years ago, this makes people excited with Panama.

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