The fourth bridge over the Panama Canal will be an imponent structure, located north of the Bridge of the Americas, near the port of Balboa, and its total cost is between one thousand and a half billion dollars.

Fourth bridge over the Panama Canal Highlights

* The total length of the new infrastructure would be about 6 kilometers, because one side will connect with the Northern Corridor and Metro Station in Albrook, and the other with the road to Arraiján, which will be expanded to eight lanes.

* It is estimated that the total cost of the work will be between 1,000 and 1,500 million dollars.

* The tender will be launched in the second half of this year and the construction period would be about three and a half years.

* Operations of the Albrook Airport located in the area will be relocated to the Panama Pacifico airport.

Panama is prepared to have a fourth bridge over the Canal. This work shall be considered as a giant in Panama infrastructures. The magnitude of the project includes 500 meters of light, a length of 6 km and six lanes (three in each direction).

According to information published by website, the government has already decided to locate the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal at the north of the Bridge of the Americas, near the port of Balboa. The estimated construction time is approximately three and a half years.

The details of the structure are still not very accurate, but it was learned that though will be the final design work that will determine the dimensions, the bracing structure will measure about 160 meters high and will have a separation of 76 meters of the Canal water.

Moreover, the bridge will have six lanes for cars (three in each direction) and in one side, will run the monorail of subway line 3. The Ministry of Finance noted above that the Inter-American Development Bank will support the Executive to define the financial structure of the project.

Initially, the Government assessed the possibility of the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal and the subway line 3 in a single project, but finally decided that each one would be tendered separately: Metro de Panama, SA will be in charge of the line of public transport and Public Works Ministry will be in charge of the bridge.

We are sure that the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal is a wonderful work that will stand out in Panama and the region.

Read more information here (Article in Spanish).

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