With the upcoming construction of the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, Albrook area will be one of those affected. This is why the operations of Marcos A. Gelabert airport in that area, will be transferred to the Panama Pacific airport, located on the outskirts of the city.

Gogetit Highlights about Panama Pacifico airport operations

* To lighten the vehicular movement generated by the new structure, authorities are planning to move the operation performed at the airport Marcos A. Gelabert of Albrook terminal to Panama Pacifico airport formerly known as the Howard military base.

* In Albrook will be built a road interchange to improve the connection of the fourth bridge over the Canal.

* Although there is no defined date, the Albrook transfer to Howard would take place before 2019.

The project to build the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal will bring some changes in the ground and air mobility in Panama City. One of them will be the relocation of the operations of Marcos A. Gelabert airport, located in Albrook, to Panama Pacifico airport, where was the old Howard military base.

According to information published by the website Prensa.com, the idea with this fourth bridge is to connect to high level with the road interchange of Albrook (opposite the airport) to relieve traffic from the west, and link with the Northern Corridor to prevent become congested over the Bridge of the Americas and the Avenue of the Martyrs.

For mobilization operations Marcos A. Gelabert Airport, were made a big number of preliminary analysis, which indicated that Panama Pacifico airport has more space and better conditions than Albrook, where there is no room to build new hangars.

It is important to point out that Albrook Airport is the place of operations for Air Panama, in addition to serving as a domestic terminal for private flights and training centers for new pilots. Although there is no defined date, the Albrook transfer to Panama Pacifico airport would take place before 2019.

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