In recent days, Panama Town Hall announced that this 2016, they have prepared several plans to “renew” the City of Panama. The project will be divided into four zones and it is intended the city to improve their appearance and look more modern and sustainable.

Panama City – Gogetit Highlights

* More than 20 projects were presented by the Mayor of Panama to raise the current state of degradation of various parts in the city.

* The projects are divided into four zones: Zone 1, formed by San Felipe and Santa Ana; Zone 2, comprising Curundú, Bella Vista, Calidonia, San Francisco, Pueblo Nuevo and Betania. Zone 3, will include the areas of Ancon, Chilibre, Las Cumbres and Juan Díaz, and Zone 4 will be integrated by Mañanitas, Pacora, San Martin, Tocumen, Pedregal and 24 de Diciembre.

* It is estimated that these plans begin this 2016.

Panama City is preparing for a “facelift” or “renewal” that seeks to repair facades, besides of construction of new sidewalks, new sewers and parks, among other things.

To do this, Panama City will be divided into four zones. Zone 1, covering San Felipe and Santa Ana, will implement projects that benefit more than 70,000 people, including plans to improve the historic area of ​​the city, rehabilitation of public markets, and improve the booths at the San Felipe Neri Market and Fish Market (Mercado del Marisco). They also built new sidewalks, new sewers, and new stalls of “Salsipuedes” in Santa Ana.

Zone 2 (Curundú, Bella Vista, Calidonia, San Francisco, Pueblo Nuevo and Bethania), will have a new urban design for Calle Uruguay and Via Argentina, which will have new sidewalks, landscaping, new sewage system, and underground parking.

Moreover, Zone 3, with areas such as Ancon, Chilibre, Las Cumbres and Alcalde Diaz, will be chosen for the construction of the North Park, which will benefit over 100,000 people in the area, while Zone 4 (Juan Diaz, Las Mañanitas, Pacora, San Martin, Tocumen, Pedregal, and 24 de Diciembre), projects will focus on community integration, social development, parks, recreation and building of two sports centers: La Siesta and Robert Kelly.

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