The cultural offer in Panama has increased over the years. In fact, it has led to tourism in Panama is one of the main channels of income for the country, becoming one of the economic engines of Panama. At least two million visitors joined in 2015, bringing significant trade and economic development to revenue. It is expected that this 2016, tourism continues to contribute positively to the economy.

Cultural offer – Gogetit Highlights

* Tourism had a good pace of growth during 2015, while the hotel sector grew by 200%.

* Panama offers many attractions to its tourists, such as the famous carnivals, places like the Old Town, beaches, parades and festivals, among others.

* The Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) will be looking for this year, further increasing global interest in Panama.

In recent years, Panama has been the place chosen by many people to visit and vacation. The cultural offer for this 2016, will consist of several factors: The completion of construction of the Convention Center in Amador, reviving cruises in Panama, the launch of the international campaign and support for all cameras of tourism and business to work on integration between them unifying criteria.

In addition to everything mentioned above, in the city of Las Tablas, located on Los Santos, will be held an important event known as “The Thousand Pollera Parade” (Desfile de las Mil Polleras). This parade has been developing since 2003 and has become a major tourist attraction to boost the region.

cultural offer

Moreover, the restoration of the Old Town will follow their progress with works such as improving churches, hotels, former Jesuit and other structures supported by the National Institute of Culture (INAC). In this sector, there is much tourism and hotel development. That is why is beign invested heavily in renovation.

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