Tourism in Panama, since about three years ago, has being benefited from a long-awaited date for many shops: The famous “Black Friday”. That particular day, the shops offer their products with the advantage of being able to acquire them at very low prices, with sale offers reaching up to 70% and 80%.

Tourism in Panama – Gogetit Highlights 

* The “Black Friday” is a date celebrated every last Friday of November, and is characterized by massive sales of products with discounts ever offered throughout the year.

* This year’s “Black Friday”, is on November 27 and stores are preparing for the biggest shopping day of the year.

* During the month of November, with the national holidays and the “Black Friday”, around 50,000 visitors are expected.

Tourism in Panama seeks always be driven in various ways. In this case, one of them is the famous “Black Friday”, which is considered as the perfect opportunity for businesses and shops attract tourists from all over the world. The “Black Friday” in Panama has become an important date not only for local buyers, but also for foreigners.

Each year, visitors from countries such as Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Colombia, come to the country to shop for the holidays this year. Their arrival positively affects the hotel industry and tourism in Panama is also greatly benefited.

In a review published on Gogetit News website, it is explained how Black Friday allows tourism in Panama to become the reference for the entire sector in Central America and South America.  Panama is a country that serves as a transit point for many tourists. In addition to this, many visitors seek for sales or shopping discounts, which increases the “shopping tourism” in the country. It is expected that this year, lots of tourists will go shopping in Panama. (See article).

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