Good news for people looking to retire in Panama: A recent study made by the leading organization Help Age International, revealed that the top three among best countries to retire in America are Panama, Chile and Uruguay. This study is made annually and focuses on four areas: income security, health, skills and supportive environments.

The best countries to retire – Gogetit Highlights

* The top three countries to retire in America are Panama, Chile and Uruguay, while the three less desirable are Honduras, Venezuela and Paraguay.

* In the first three places in the overall rate of aging, there are three European countries: Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.

* Panama has an employment rate of 98.3% for people between 55 years old and 64 years old, possibly in response to low income from retirement.

Panama is positioned in 20th place in the overall rate of retirement by Help Age International. The Central American country occupies this position with an outstanding achievement as regards powers between its population reached old age.

According to information published by the BBC website, this report focuses on four aspects: Income security, health, skills and supportive environments. Help Age report states that the good placement of Panama is due “in large part to the existence and effectiveness of state policies, with an orientation of social policies in general and policies on aging in particular.”

One aspect that allows Panama highlighted the regional average, is the guarantee of income for the population over 65 years. Older people have higher levels of education and access to employment. Besides this, it also has good scores in the domain of health, a moderate position on pension coverage and a poverty rate of 17.7%.

Panama is also a country that shows a high rate of aging. According to the latest report of the Research Center of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Panama (held in July 2015) until June this year, the isthmus has 302,120 people with 65 or more years. Its total population is almost four million women and men.

If you’re thinking about retiring in a particular country, there is no doubt that Panama is the perfect choice for you.

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