The Panamanian airline Copa Airlines, announced that it will have a daily flight to San Francisco, one of the most important cities in America. This flight will be direct and would be the thirteenth US city that has direct flight from Panama.

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* Starting on September 17, the Panamanian airline Copa Airlines, will begin to travel directly to the city of San Francisco, located on the west coast of the United States.

* It is expected that, initially, one flight to San Francisco is offered, using a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with seating for 154 passengers.

* In the first four months of this year, Copa Holdings, holder of the shares of the Panamanian airline, had transported 5.4 million passengers, an increase of 4.8% compared to last year.

Panama now has another direct air connection with the United States. It is the city of San Francisco, whose direct flights from Panama will begin next September 17 and will have a frequency of one flight a day.

According to information published by website, the company will start a daily flight to San Francisco and to cover the route, will use a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, capable of carrying 154 passengers. With this flight, the Panamanian company adds its destination number 74 in 30 countries, and increase its direct flights to 13 cities in USA territory.

The city of San Francisco is the main connection point between the US and Asia, increasing connectivity of Tocumen International Airport. In addition, the airport in that city, offers daily connections to other destinations like Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, Canada.

The CEO of Copa Airlines, Pedro Heilbron, said that “Copa Airlines is pleased to announce its new direct service between Panama and San Francisco, a major tourist, commercial, financial and technological destination with strong ties to Latin America. This new flight offered by Copa, also greatly improve travel options for business and leisure between San Francisco and Panama, and increases its connectivity throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Within the US, Copa Airlines has flights to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa, Washington, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. On June 24, the company will begin flying four times a week to the city of New Orleans.

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