Enlargement project of South Corridor is being managed since last 2011 in the administration of former president Ricardo Martinelli. At that time, it was intended to do a filling in front of Atlapa Convention Center to construct buildings in that area. The filling of 44 hectares, would accommodate 7,125 apartments and would give houses to 28,000 residents. This land had been given in concession to the ICA company and generate revenues of U.S.$ 373 million to build the extension. Four years later, the current government of President Juan Carlos Varela, has decided not to carry out the filling in front of Atlapa, but is pending for the extension of the South Corridor, which is expected to be implemented by 2016.

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* The extension of the South Corridor would cost U.S.$ 509 million, according to the environmental impact study presented by ICA to the National Environmental Authority.

* The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) has scheduled this road project for next 2016.

* The project would involve the construction of a viaduct running from the Atlapa Convention Center to the coastal strip, in addition to widening the road to four lanes in both directions.

The South Corridor is one of the major roads of the city of Panama. This route, which connects directly with the Tocumen International Airport, was chosen for an expansion project four years ago. At that time, it included a filler in front of Atlapa Convention Center, a branch would come to Panama Viejo and the expansion of Tocumen to Punta Pacifica and Paitilla viaduct.

Currently, it has been confirmed that no longer held on padding in front of the Atlapa Convention Center but are evaluating possible elements of expansion, such as the construction of a viaduct running from Atlapa towards coastal strip (up to Multicentro mall) and four lanes extending between the sector of Punta Pacifica and Costa del Este.

According to information published by Prensa.com website, Ramon Arosemena, Minister of Public Works, sited the expansion project as one of the major road projects that the institution is on the agenda for 2016.

The need to expand the road between sectors of Costa del Este and Punta Pacifica, is due to the massive construction of housing developments in that area, such as Santa Maria and the industrial parks of Costa del Este, making it necessary to adapt the way.

Project funding for the redevelopment of the South Corridor, will be with incoming money from the tolls since the filler against Atlapa with which the extension will be built no longer be paid. However, the current administration decided to decline this option after critics from residents and organizations such as the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects (SPIA).

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