The renowned Ferrari car brand, has opened its doors to the Panamanian market with its complete business model, making Panama the stage for his first store in Central America and the Caribbean. The official opening of this store, is planned for 2015.

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* The new show room of the Ferrari brand, comes to Panama to be opened in the first quarter of 2015.

* This shop will offer the Panamanian market all models of cars that have the brand and all services and will be located in the area of Punta Pacifica.

* The Ferrari team of Panama, is focused on succeeding in the country and comes with a screening of synergies with other luxury brands in Panama, develop an affinity for the brand and show Ferrari Lifestyle.

The prestigious car brand Ferrari, a company that maintains its headquarters in Maranello, Italy, arrives in Panama with a showroom that offers all models of cars that have the brand. Now Panamanians will have the privilege of visiting this shop, which will be located in Punta Pacifica, and enjoy the wide variety of models on display there.

According to information published by the information portal Panama Economy Insight, and to statements made by
Udi Saffati Levy, Sales Manager of Ferrari in Panama, “in the last ten years, Panama has been a success story regarding the process of growth of countries, thus giving opportunity to settle in Panama, a company that at global has the highest quality standards, product design and engineering in the automotive world.”

It is important to point out that according to representatives of the brand in the country, the Panamanian market has achieved a sophistication that makes him seek those products world class, as is Ferrari. In this sense, Luis de Roux, Aftersales Manager, has stated that “Ferrari has always been known for its excellence and provide first-class service to its customers.”

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