The Panama Canal closed this fiscal year 2014 with an increase of 2% in tonnage, totaling 326.8 million. Moreover, toll revenues, increased to 3.2%, totaling about US $ 1,910 million.

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* The entrance of the Panama Canal tolls, amount to US $ 1.910 billion.

* Statistics from the Panama Canal, reflected that the waterway closed the fiscal year of 2014 with 326.8 million tons PC / UMS (Universal System Tonnage Panama Canal), which represented an increase of 2% compared to 320.6 million for the term of 2013.

* The increase was driven primarily by the bulk carrier segment, which reported a 18.2% increase.

The Panama Canal registered for the close of its fiscal year of 2014, an increase in income from tolls, totaling US $ 1,910 million, increasing by 2% compared to 2013. This increase is due to the dynamics of movement of bulk by the Panama Canal in the last year, attributed to a boom of crops in the US, who used the route of the Canal to transport loads from the Gulf of Mexico to Asia.

According to information published by the news portal Agencia de Noticias Panama, the Panama Canal closed fiscal year of 2014 with an increase of 2.0% in tonnage, totaling 326.8 million and 3.2% in toll revenues, which totaled US $ 1910.6 million during the term of October 1, 2013 to september 30 last to reach 85.9 million of PC / UMS tons in 2014, up from 72.7 million in the fiscal year 2013.

Another segment which recorded a rise, was the carriers, which increased 6.7% to reach 45.8 million tonnes adding PC / UMS while gas carriers grew a 24.2% to reach 6.0 million PC / UMS tons. Overall, toll revenues were US $ 1910.6 million in fiscal 2014, which represented an increase of 3.2% compared to US $ 1849.6 million from 2013.

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