In recent days, was held the Global-Euromoney IJ Forum, attended by investors in Latin America and Europe. In this forum, Panama expressed great interest in being consolidated as the ‘hub’ energy for the Latin American region, carrying out a dynamic investment plan of 5,000 million dollars.

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* The Republic of Panama is interested in consolidation as the ‘hub’ energy of Latin America, with a dynamic investment plan that includes 5,000 million dollars, to be contributed by both the private and public sectors.

* The investment will be in projects focused on improving the generation, transmission and distribution of energy in the current quinquenium.

* Of the 5,000 million to be invested in Panama in the energy sector in the period, 76% comes from the private sector and 24% to the public sector.

Besides being considered the ‘Hub of the Americas’ by the large number of countries that have a connection with the isthmus, Panama also hopes to establish itself as the ‘energetic hub’ of the entire Latin American region.

According to information published by the information portal Noticias 24 Panama, and according to the statement made by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Ivan Zarak, before the IJGlobal-Euromoney Forum, the projection includes state investment projects of generation, such as hydro Chan 2, which involves a public-private 1,300 million dollars investment; gas (900 million) and coal (1,000 million). In the transmission area, 200 million for Line 3, 500 million for Line 4 and 500 million for interconnection with Colombia are contemplated.

The Deputy Minister Zarak pointed out that among the initiatives for the next five years, is the contingency plan short term traders regulation by the National Dispatch Center and monitoring of the expansion of the energy matrix. According to official projections, developments in energy demand will increase from 1,700 megawatts in the 2015-2100 megawatts in 2019 in firm power.

Read more information here (article in Spanish).

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