The hotels within the country, has taken hold in recent months. Several hotels offer luxurious facilities to provide more comfort for guests and tourists who increasingly frequent the interior. In our article today, we will see how Mandarinos Boutique Hotel The Spa, located in El Valle de Anton, has joined the trend of “luxury hotels”.

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* After an investment of $ 2 million, Los Mandarinos Boutique Spa, located in El Valle de Anton, Cocle province, entered the luxury tourism in order to raise the target of their guests.

*The Restructuring of the hotel includes a terrace of 300 square meters and incorporating 14 luxury rooms.

* El Valle, located in the province of Cocle, joins the inland provinces that already have luxury hotels.

In Panama, the luxury hotels are not only limited to the city. In recent months, we have seen how it has increased the number of hotels that offer luxury travel for their guests, as the hotel offer in the interior, has increased more.

According to information published by the information portal Revista Summa, the Hotel Los Mandarinos Boutique Spa, adds to this trend of “luxury travel”, completely renovating their facilities. Some of the new details provided by the hotel include: an elevator for guests visiting one reopened terrace of 300 square meters and incorporating 14 luxurious rooms that line the central pool.

The marketing director of the hotel, Criseida Carrasco, said that the total investment is US $ 11 million. During these eight years, the hotel has created 70 direct jobs, mostly with locals. The hotel recently opened a Spanish-style restaurant that adds a complement gourmet to the hotel.

Tourists in this segment, look for different hotels with amenities and details such as the terrace, elevator, pool, and hot tubs with tempered water in the rooms. From the terrace, guests can appreciate the iconic hills area as The Sleeping Indian and Gaital.

Read more information here (article in Spanish).

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