Panama is a country that has managed to be within the top positions in rankings at regional and global levels. With a highly stable economy, strong foreign direct investment and tourism sector growing, this country is still a favorite for many people. Besides all this, the country brand has climbed five places and is located in the 69th position of the top 100 country brand developed by the British firm Brand Finance.

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* Panama climbed five places to settle at number 69 in the ranking of the top 100 country brand developed by the British firm Brand Finance.

* In recent years, Panama has led the economic growth of the region, a trend that continued during 2015. Foreign direct investment and infrastructure development have driven the development.

* In Latin America, Panama ranks eighth, behind Mexico (14), Argentina (33), Chile (37), Peru (43) and Colombia (45).

The European consultancy Brand Finance kept the score A-, considered strong, and valued at 40 billion dollars Panamanian brand, eight billion dollars more in comparison with the classification obtained the country in 2013. In a study made in Latin America, Panama ranks eighth, behind Mexico (14), Argentina (33), Chile (37), Peru (43), Colombia (45), Dominican Republic (63), Ecuador (66) and Costa Rica (68). In worse condition than Panama, appears Guatemala (72), Uruguay (76), Paraguay (80), Bolivia (84), El Salvador (86) and Honduras (90).

According to information published by the information portal La Prensa, and according to analysis by Brand Finance, Panama was the nation which recorded the highest growth (24%) at the regional level. Importantly, in addition to analyzing the behavior of gross domestic product (GDP), the consulting studies the performance of each sector and delivery rated four segments: goods and services, tourism, population and skills and investment.

Panama is, par excellence, a center of aviation and financial connection, in addition to a large number of multinationals that have settled in the country as well as the number of hotels built in recent years.

David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, said in the report that each year increases competition among countries to attract more foreign investment volume, qualified workers and tourists, among others. For this reason, recommends that governments and private sector “to take steps to ensure that your country mark this strategically developed, well-managed and monitored regularly in order to maximize profits.”

The country brand is a promotional tool for distinguishing exports in international markets. It is also used to highlight the attractiveness of a country, which in the case of Panama would be the strength as a regional center for doing business in Latin America.

After selecting the brand, all Panamanians products sold abroad, as well as documentation that use the embassies and consulates of Panama, should incorporate the slogan The way. This year, was allocated U.S.$ 2 million to promote “The Way”, until November 28 had executed 83% of the game.

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