Panama Oeste will witness a new construction project that will benefit more than 11,000 people, both children and adults: This project is the City of Hope, a project that involves the construction of over 2,200 homes, schools, sports facilities, cultural and new roads in Arraiján .

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* The “City of Hope” project is located in the district of Vista Alegre, in Arraiján district, and includes the construction of 2,250 housing solutions, in an area of ​​36 hectares.

* This project will benefit 11,250 people, including children and adults, with an investment of 137 million dollars.

* It will have five levels buildings (ground floor plus four floors), and will include two apartment models.

In recent days, began the construction of a new and very important project in Panama Oeste. The name: City of Hope. This project aims, among other things, to reduce the housing deficit and improve living conditions for the inhabitants of the region.

During an official ceremony led by President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, announced that the development of the works will bring new places of employment and economic development in the beneficiary communities, which in turn allowed to continue generating more opportunities for at-risk youth can be part of this great project.

City of Hope is much more than a housing complex, as it represents a comprehensive solution that in addition to responding to thousands of families of Arraiján, will house the new headquarters of the University of Panama for the area of ​​Panama Oeste, so, in addition to its social impact, the project will also generate greater economic, educational and cultural development for all the inhabitants of the region.

The work includes an investment of 137 million dollars and will be implemented by the CCA and MCM Consortium, who will have the responsibility to build these buildings of social interest, with the main objective, to 11,250 direct beneficiaries hit among children and adults. It will have five levels buildings (ground floor plus four floors), which also includes two models of apartments; one with two bedrooms whose size is not less than 48 square meters, and the other three upstairs bedrooms measuring 57 square meters.

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