Panamanian airline Air Panama will offer direct flights to Costa Rica starting next July. It will be the first time the airline count on direct flights to the neighbor country, departing from Marcos A. Gelabert Airport in Albrook.

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* Air Panama, in conjunction with the Tourism Authority of Panama, offers flights to Costa Rica starting next July.

* In addition to direct flights, the airline is offering package tours to Costa Rica from U.S.$ 339, including airfare and hotel stays.

* Flights Panama-Costa Rica will have a daily frequency.

Now is the opportunity for people who want to know Costa Rica to do so at low cost, starting from Panama. In recent days, the Panamanian airline Air Panama announced by the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), which offer direct flights Panama-Costa Rica for just U.S.$ 399.

According to information published by the website, flights depart from the airport Marcos A. Gelabert, located in Albrook, and come straight to San Jose, Costa Rica. This is from the first of July with a frequency of one flight per day.

The announcement was released on June 11 at a press conference in Costa Rica as part of a campaign to attract tourism to Panama from Costa Rica. It is a joint initiative with the Tourism Authority of Panama, called “Panama has it all” where tour packages are offered to Costa Rica to visit the country.

Packages to explore the city of Panama, start from U.S.$ 339 per person (3 days and 2 nights), including airfare, taxes, hotel and breakfast. Moreover, the beach hotel packages start at U.S.$ 476 per person all inclusive (3 days and 2 nights) establishments, including airfare and taxes.

Read more information here (Article in Spanish).

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