Panama City is a city that has expanded over time. Many years ago, there were only a few designated areas to live, because there were so few people. Today, there are more neighborhoods, more constructions and more areas located towards the outskirts of the city that are being targeted by people who want to build new projects and invest. In our article today, we will talk about what are the five best places to live in the city.

Gogetit Highlights

* Among the top 5 places to live in Panama city we can mention: El Cangrejo, Costa del Este, Punta Pacifica, Altos del Golf and San Francisco.

* These areas are characterized by being highly centric and provide a lot of services without having to travel so much. These are areas with benches nearby, supermarkets, shops, among others.

* Accessibility is a key factor for an area that is considered ideal in Panama City. El Cangrejo, San Francisco, Costa del Este, Punta Pacifica and Altos del Golf, enjoy of very good accessibility.

Panama City is a highly privileged place for its location and its climate. It is not usual to see hurricanes and earthquakes (as in other cities) and this gives you a great advantage. Besides this, the successful economy that characterizes Panama, has become the preferred location for many foreigners to invest and establish or purchase a second home after retirement, and for many international companies to set their regional centers.

According to information published by the news portal Bridge, for its citizens, Panama is among the top three countries in the standard of living, health, education and economic stability. It is also quite safe compared to many Latin American countries as they are not required to always be aware of threats of theft or violence.

In the city you can find everything you need either hospitals, universities or shopping malls. However, there are better located areas and more services than other areas. Among the top 5 places to live in the city of Panama can mention the following: El Cangrejo, Costa del Este, Punta Pacifica, Altos del Golf and San Francisco.

El Cangrejo is an old exclusive area of ​​Panama City, located in the village of Bella Vista. This area was in the mid-50s, the most exclusive area of the country. Today there are many luxury apartments, restaurants, parks and monuments . Despite having an intense nightlife is a very convenient and safe area.

Moreover, Costa del Este is a new neat area in Panama City, ideal for those who do not have any problem to handle intercity distances. It features well-planned green residential areas , large buildings, shopping malls, banks, schools, industrial park and offices. It is a well known and important for its amenities, ocean view and have access to major motorways being close to downtown and to the Tocumen International Airport area.

Among the best places to live in Panama City, we can find Punta Pacifica, really good and prime location, as it has shops and the Multiplaza mall, considered one of the most important malls in Panama. Moreover, Punta Pacifica features beautiful new buildings in the best residential atmosphere and many others under construction.

Altos del Golf is regarded as one of the most exclusive places, located in the largest park of the city of Panama Omar Park. Here live many diplomats, former presidents and tycoons owners of big business. Something that blends in this area is the abundance of well-maintained parks, restaurants, shopping centers, clinics, banks, as well as recreational activities and sports for children and adults.

Last but not least, is San Francisco. It is a very central location with many banks, supermarkets, shopping centers and clinics, among other services.

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