In recent days, representatives of Microsoft company had a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Commerce and discussed the possibility of establishing a regional headquarters of multinational Microsoft in Panama.

Microsoft in Panama – Gogetit Highlights

* Currently, there are 114 multinationals established in Panama, and 28 of them are American.

* In Panama, there would be established a hub data center and regional headquarters operations, among other services.

* It has not yet been defined for when Microsoft’s new headquarters will be established in the country.

The multinational company Microsoft, which has a global workforce of 118,000 people, was in conversations with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama in occasion to establish a hub for data center and regional headquarters operations in the country, among others services, considering investment regimes that Panama offers, as well as the advantages and connectivity by geography.

According to information published by La Prensa website, the Microsoft company said in a statement that is showing interest in establishing a regional headquarters in the country. Trade Minister Meliton Arrocha, had a meeting recently with Mariano De Beer, Regional Director for Latin America and José Marante, General Manager of Microsoft Panama. It is expected the next meeting between the two parties to advance the search for positive results.

Currently, Panama has 114 headquarters of multinational companies, including 28 from the United States. There are also 10 companies from Switzerland and the Netherlands, respectively; seven from South Korea and the same number from Germany, six in Spain and China, five in France and as many in Sweden, four in Japan and three in Denmark and Venezuela.

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