A bathroom is usually a small space inside the house. Most of the time, we can find it inside the main bedroom, or also near the entrance of the house, functioning as a guest bathroom.

“Whatever its location is, the bathroom must have certain features, such as functionality, comfort and practicality.”

That is why the decoration for bathrooms, regardless of whether it is small or large, is something that should be well thought out to get the most out of this space. In our article today, we will give you some ideas to do so.

Bathroom decor – Gogetit Highlights

  • When it comes to the bathroom decor, it needs to be taken into account elements such as: toilet, shower and sink, basic for personal hygiene.
  • In a bathroom decor, you have to consider the use of both hot and cold water in significant and moderate amounts to wash the human body. For this reason, showers and bathtubs are usually surrounded by shower curtains or screens, to prevent water from spilling onto the floor.
  • Usually, the most common surfaces in bathroom decorations are ceramic or glass surfaces, as well as plastic materials, for beign easy of cleaning. However, such surfaces are often cool to the touch, so bath mats are also used to make the contact warmer.

bathroom decor

The bathroom is a space that has changed its shape a lot with time. In former times, the bathrooms were spacious rooms that were made up of a tub, a toilet, a sink and a mirror. The bathroom has been gaining relevance over the years. Its purely hygienic functionality has transmuted into one. Following the social schemes of the present, the bathroom has had to respond to an increasingly faster pace of life.

In fact, the large bathrooms have gradually become small rooms that contain only what is necessary. As small rooms and in many cases interior, decorators recommend installing many points of light and, at least placing a large mirror, to visually enlarge the space.

Now, not for the fact that a bath is small, it means that it is unattractive and not functional. Quite the opposite. Nowadays, there are many options that allow you to have very nice and modern bathrooms just by giving them an adequate decoration.

Some bathroom decor ideas

Align parts

There is no doubt that if we put the toilet, the sink and the shower on the same side of the bathroom, the space will expand as if by magic. What if the bathroom is mini? You can choose compact restrooms, which are 6 cm lower than conventional ones. You can put a shower instead of a bathtub, for example, and with what, you’ll be earning, like little, half a meter. And use 2 in 1 pieces like a mirror/cabinet, which is enough 10 cm in the background.

In fact, there is a little trick to visually enlarge a bathroom. Wanna know which is? Place the most bulky pieces in the bottom. If the bathroom is small, another trick to enlarge it visually is to use the same floor in the shower and in the rest of the pavement.

Use open furniture

The decoration for bathrooms should take into account what we know as “bath clothes”. That is, towels, washcloths, bathrobes, among other things. In addition, in a bathroom we usually keep our toiletries (deodorants, creams, perfumes, lotions, and in the case of women, hair dryer, makeup, among others). All this must be kept in a closet or bathroom furniture that does not occupy much space but that helps to have our things in order.

There are many custom made furniture choices. In Panama, Todeschini offers this type of furniture, adapting to your space and your measurements.

bathroom decorPhoto Credits: Todeschini

Clear illumination

The lighting of a bathroom should be practical and versatile, as well as decorative. Having good lighting that can be adapted to different situations and needs is essential in this type of stays. Our bathroom should have both a light that allows us to make up or shave properly as having a warm light for moments of relaxation in it.

In order to illuminate your bathroom in a functional and decorative way, we propose to combine two types of light: one more general and one punctual.

“The general lighting of the bathroom should be as close to natural light as it is the one that best reproduces colors and creates better environments.”

In small or medium bathrooms, a ceiling will be enough to provide the necessary light, as well as create a warm and relaxing when the occasion.

bathroom decor

In large bathrooms, the lamps embedded in the ceiling offer a nice and homogeneous general light. It is important to take into account the dimensions of these to be able to calculate the number of lamps that we need to place.

On the other hand, spot lighting is essential in our bathroom when performing tasks such as personal grooming, makeup or shaving. It must be practical and functional, according to the needs of each zone.

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