The province of Chiriqui is emerging as the most visited destination after Panama City. This is why, by the end of 2015, it is expected that this important province may have 3,000 hotel rooms, increasing the current amount, which is 2,700.

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* Chiriquí could become the busiest and most important destination for tourism in Central America.

* Among the thematic routes that could be developed in Chiriqui, there is agricultural tourism, nature tourism, craft tourism, indigenous cultures, coffee, among others.

* The sites of greatest interest to visitors are the city of David, the Highlands (Volcan, Cerro Punta and Boquete) and the coast, where hotel projects are being developed.

The province of Chiriqui is prepared to increase its number of hotels, due to the large number of visitors in recent months. By the end of 2015, Chiriqui province could have a total of 3,000 hotel rooms, 300 more than the current 2,700.

According to information published by La Estrella website, Enrique Malek Airport, which serves the province of Chiriqui, and can reach international flights, which would bring a significant increase in visitors to the region and, therefore, an increase in the hotels .

The General Manager of the Grand National Hotel, Oscar Jimenez, said Chiriquí could become the busiest and most important destination for tourism in Central America region. ‘Chiriqui has the potential to beat Costa Rica in attractive and is located near Punta Cana or Cancun.’

Chiriquí has an airport to arriving international flights. This aerial interconnection has helped consolidate the position of Chiriquí on the tourist map, which could increase in the coming months as the construction of several infrastructure projects is concluded.

The category of hotels in Chiriquí has been increasing over time. Just five years ago, most of the hotel rooms in the province were three stars, but last year, of the 2,700 rooms available, only 700 offered the comforts of five star category. The rest of them (2,000 rooms) were four stars.

About 30 hotels are registered with the Tourism Authority of Panama. The average cost of rooms is between 80 and 300 dollars.

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