The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) expects a 60% increase in hotel occupancy before the end of December. Currently, supply exceeds demand.

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* 56.3% of residential occupation was recorded in the first eight months of the year.

* According to authorities, the annual increase of tourists in the country is about 3.5% to 5%.

* Currently, hotel occupancy reached 54% with a visitor spend of between 1,600 and $ 1,800 per visitor, in about 6 days of their stay.

Hotel occupancy in both Panama City and the interior of the country, will increase by 60% by the end of this year as expected by the Tourism Authority of Panama.

According to information published by the Panama America news portal, the administrator of the Tourism Authority of Panama, Jesus Sierra said that currently, the hotel supply exceeds demand. However, hopes that once the breakthrough time, the number of visits will increase.

Sierra said the ATP focuses its efforts on promoting tourist spots nationwide, besides the convention and congress scheduled for the near future, which generate a significant tourist traffic. Usually, the area’s major attractions for tourists are the city of Panama and the beaches.

Recently, the ATP confirmed exemplary penalties of up to $ 10,000 to combat the proliferation of clandestine lodges, ensuring that not only affects the collection of taxes and the hotel industry, but also the public safety and of the visitor.

The hotel sector has also strengthened its security system in collaboration with the police to safeguard the life and property of tourists.

Read more information here (article in Spanish).

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