The famous former Dominican baseball player Sammy Sosa, was in Panama promoting their new housing project in Panama Este “Altos del Este Homes by Sammy Sosa,” which will be located to the east of Panama City.

Since Panama’s real estate sector is growing strongly, many people are realizing that to get the most out.

Housing project in Panama Este – Gogetit Highlights

  • The housing project in Panama Este, whose investment is about $ 100 million, it is a set of houses and apartments for sale with prices ranging from US $ 65,000 to US $ 120,000. A total of 1,500 units.
  • It has already announced the start of construction of Line 2 of Panama Subway, whose design two stations are contemplated within walking distance of ALTOS DEL ESTE.
  • The housing projects in Panama Este is very innovative and in this case, this prefabricated houses will be part and will intend to try to help people with few resources, as they will be in Panama housing of social interest.

The Dominican former player said he chose Panama for this investment by several aspects, highlighting the country’s economic growth and security.

“We will give you more for what you are buying, for example, if the person is buying 60 square meters, we will give 70 square meters so you can make an additional room,” said former big league.

This initiative of real estate projects consists in a housing project in Panama Este. This is the most important country in which sales are expected to more than US$ 300 million.

Tony Bonilla, a project partner, explained that the houses are modern with the highest technology, are in prefabricated part and a part will be built in the country.

He added that there is no banks financing the project, resources are from a group which Sosa is president. He did not rule out further attract more investors, either local or international.

The ballplayer said that this is an approach to Panama through investment but did not rule out also involved in baseball related activities in the country.

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