Panama is still positioning itself as a country to invest, being the fastest growing economy in Latin America. And it becomes even more relevant on the world stage, given the prospects for global slowdown, the US being one of the most affected economies.

Below you will find some Gogetit Highlights about it:

  • The IMF estimates that Panama will grow 7.2% in 2014.
  • The global economy will grow 3.4%, 0.3% less than expected.
  • Countries with a bigger slowdown of its economy are the United States, Russia, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that Panama will grow 7.2% in 2014, being the fastest growing country in Latin America.

While in a report published by the same agency, global growth projected for 2014 has undergone a downward revision of 0.3% which stands at 3.4%, and this is due to the aftermath of a weak first quarter , particularly in the US, and less optimistic prospects in several emerging markets.

The countries most affected in this revision of the growth outlook are: United States (1.7% growth), Russia (0.2% growth), South Africa (1.7% growth), Mexico (2.4% growth) and Brazil (1.7 % growth).

Given the growth prospects of Mexico and Brazil, the two largest countries in the region, the expected growth in Latin America was also adjusted to 2%.

The report also states that: “The downside risks remain a concern heightened geopolitical risks could lead to a sharp increase in oil prices..

Among the risks of financial markets include interest rates unexpectedly high long-term in the United States and the possibility that the recent downward trend in risk premiums and volatility reversed. The period of weak global growth could continue, since a strong momentum observed in advanced economies despite very low interest rates and moderation of other factors holding back recovery.

In some major emerging market economies could extend the negative effects on growth, arising from restrictions on the supply side and tightening financial conditions last year. ”

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