In the last 10 years, Panama has become a country that attracts a lot of multinational companies. Air and port connectivity of the country, allows many companies to establish their hubs here, presenting the country as a “hub” of multinational companies.

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* Panama is a country with great potential with respected laws and many investors, whose businesses bring many opportunities and jobs for Panamanians.

* Panama has become a logistics and transportation hub due to its geographical location and the Panama Canal, whose expansion will be ready by 2016, will allow the transport of larger loads.

* For 2016, which is expected be ready Canal expansion, it was agreed to celebrate a World Forum of Logistics and Transport in the context of the opening of the Canal expansion.

In the World Economic Forum on Latin America held in Cancun, Mexico, the president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, met with representatives of multinational enterprises in logistics, energy, tourism, telecommunications and health who shared their vision of Panama recorded economic growth and increase their interest in the operations of its regional headquarters in the country.

According to information published by the official website of the Presidency, the Panamanian leader held meetings with senior executives, such as Nicholas Logothetis, vice-president of Libra Group, an international company with a presence on six continents and Camilo Patrignani, CEO of Greengood Energy, who promote investments of solar energy. Both expressed to president Varela that Panama is a potential for expansion of these projects through which site the use of renewable energy is promoted more affordable.

Libra Group company and Greengood Energy company, have offices in Panama. In fact, Greenwood Energy was commissioned to build the first solar power plant in the Sarigua National Park in the district of Parita, Herrera Province.

President Varela also met with Siebren Henk de Jong, president of Philips for Latin America, who showed their interest in contributing technology to the project of the National Preventive Health Census, conducted by the Government of the Republic of Panama solutions aimed at people from 40 years old, healthy or suffering from a disease in order to meet their health and receive proper medical care.

In the ​​telecommunications area, the vice-president of Huawei, Jonathan Zhan, expressed appreciation for the opportunities that Panama is offering for business expansion and expressed the desire to continue contributing through investments in development.

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