Last week, the new Panama Diamond Exchange, located in the financial district of Santa Maria, provided a backdrop for the celebration of the Latin American Week of Diamond and Jewelry. This important event brought together senior representatives of the diamond industry, precious stones and jewelry in the world and in Latin America.

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* The Latin American Week of Diamond and Jewelry was an event held at the headquarters of the Panama Diamond Exchange, located in Santa Maria, bringing together more than 350 buyers from 17 countries in the region.

* One of the most large delegations on the first day of business in the Panama Diamond Exchange, was India and was chaired by that country’s ambassador in Panama, Shamma Jain.

* PDE representatives said the new tower WJH begin construction in the third quarter of this year and is expected to be ready by the end of 2017.

Latin America is a growing market for exporters of diamonds and precious stones. With new headquarters in Panama of the Diamond Exchange, all the heads of the jewelry industry, diamond and precious stones, gathered at an important event known as the Latin American Week Of Diamond and Jewelry. The event brought together over 350 buyers from 17 countries in the region, with members of the Panama Diamond Exchange and exporting members of India, Belgium and Israel.

According to information published by Capital Financiero website, the opening ceremony was attended by President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela and industry leaders worldwide. Varela reiterated the government’s willingness to contribute to the World Jewerly Hub and PDE develop, in compliance with international standards of the Kimberly Process and the highest standards in the field.

One of the participants in the event was the president of the Jewerly Association of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, Cesar Carrasco Daza, who said that “the PDE is an important achievement for the family of jewelers of Latin America.” At the same time, he highlighted the ease of getting to Panama by air, because there are two daily flights to Panama City.

For his part, President of the World Jewerly Hub, Elio Izhakoff said “this is a historic milestone for Panama, Latin American and international trade in gems and jewelry. Today we are witnessing the birth of a clearinghouse for world-class, which will provide the next big growth market in the world, a business complex that will serve world trade.”

India was also present at this important event. That country’s ambassador in Panama, Shamma Jain, said “the diamond and jewelry industry in India is the largest in the world and play a fundamental role in the development of this international activity, which are in everyone, from Belgium, New York, Russia, China, and now in Panama.”

India is considered a country with a key role in the diamond and jewelry market. Proof of this is that 12 of every 14 diamonds have some connection with India, as they are cut, polished and placed on the market. In addition, the jewels are processed beyond quality, with the latest designs and technologies.

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