According to the World Economic Forum Competitiveness Index and Travel and Tourism in 2015 , Panama is the third largest in Latin America in relation to the travel and tourism country.

It is not a secret to anyone that tourism in Panama continues to grow and the country welcomes travelers from many countries. As a tourist destination , Panama continues to capture the attention of thousands of visitors looking to discover new places .

Panama tourism has grown and is not focused exclusively on capital. The interior of the country and other provinces have seen an increase in this sector. Provinces in the Panamanian Caribbean , as Bocas del Toro , Colon , Chiriquí, among others, have far greater demand than in previous years thanks to investments by companies and tourist activities.

Panama Tourism – leading the one industry in Latin America

Currently , Panama reaches at number 34, after Brazil and Mexico , both in positions 28 and 30, before Costa Rica , number 42.Según figures of the Tourism Authority of Panama , ATP , from January to March 2015 , a total of 761,176 people have visited the country, causing an increase of 13.8 % over the same period last year , registering a variation of 92,554 visitors.

Panama tourism is coming under strong government support, investment and wealth in terms of natural resources , Panama ‘s tourism sector has been developing rapidly over the past decade .

The top ten as rated by the World Economic Forum are currently occupied by Spain , France , Germany, USA , Switzerland , Australia , Italy, Japan and Canada. Emerging countries such as China and Malaysia , are within the first thirty . Russia, South Africa and India , for example rear seats occupied , 45 , 48 and 52, respectively.

The report of Travel and Tourism Competitiveness , covers a total of 141 countries , divided into 14 sections. With this document , we can access a detailed countries as a catalog of competitive strengths and weaknesses of each profile.

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