Gogetit always giving the best information on the latest in real estate nationwide. Discusses the real estate fair in Chiriqui Expo 2016.

“More than 35 residential and commercial projects will be showcased during the Expo 2016 Chiriqui from 10 to 14 August”

Real estate fair in chiriqui

The exhibition will feature exhibitions promoter houses , banks, heavy and light equipment suppliers to the construction industry , real estate , insurance , interior design , furniture , hotels, and more.

The Expo Chiriqui is suitable for people 20 to 65 years who have the need or the dream of buying a home , lower middle class on, singles, couples and retirees event. People with the willingness to build or renovate their home , in search of materials, designs , products and / or services intended for the comfort of your home.

“The lowest in the market and will offer immediate approvals rates”

In addition to real estate and commercial supply, the event will include technical conferences , forums management , rational use of water resources , energy and fair ‘ I recycle ‘.

Among the activities of the recycling fair , Roba Morena reported via their website that there will be craft workshops , painting, collection center for materials to recycle , adoptions of dogs and cats, Californian worms to generate organic fertilizer , artisans, associations of environmental, social and profit animal , cartoons , selling plants and food.

In the event a training on a management and use of water will be provided.

Chiriquí Expo 2016 will as a platform David Fair from 10 to 14 August this year. Entrance is free.

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