Room decoration, unlike any other part of our house, should be thought of in terms of comfort, and undoubtedly should reflect our personality, whether it is with small details. When we were children, for example, our room decoration was to paint the walls of our favorite color, or if not, a very common choice was to fill the walls with posters of our favorite artists, or cars, or sports… In the end, all these things, reflected in one way or another, our personality and our tastes.

But over time, obviously as we grow up, room decoration experiences something similar. If you are someone who doesn’t know how to decorate your room, or how to redecorate it, then don’t worry, because in our article today, we bring you some ideas that may help you.

“There is no perfect room decoration. There is a decor that is the perfect reflection of people sleeping in them, where everything fits the way the person wants and/or needs.”

room decoration

Room Decoration – Gogetit Highlights

  • When making a room decoration, you should consider three important factors: the lighting, the type of lingerie and the organization of space.
  • Our room should always be an attractive and relaxing place, where we like it to be, because there is the place where we rest.
  • The bed is, without a doubt, a key player in the room. It is the most important investment, made by the choice of a strong base, a good mattress (that fits the needs of your body) and good pillows.

To decorate rooms, you do not need to be the most creative, or spend thousands of dollars on furniture for the room. Nowadays, there are many “do it yourself” options for decorating, and best of all, at low cost.

“The mattress, the lighting, the color of the walls… Everything matters when creating an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere to help us sleep.”

Now, where to start the room decoration?

The first thing to be considered is the style of room you want. Are you one of those who like the vintage style? Or rather, do you love the minimalist style? In either case, you should think about what colors should wear the walls, or what colors you would like for your walls.

The color of the walls

The color is essential in the decoration and in a bedroom, your choice should be at the service of the rest. When painting walls, choose light, soft, warm tones, such as the skin itself. This is the case of beige, chickpea, cream, pale yellow or salmon. Warm gray, green and turquoise, are also envelopes. It is recommended to avoid or garish vibrant tones, as sophisticated as they can be.

Appropiate lighting

It combines various types of lighting. In order to do specific things, such as reading in bed for example, you should put directional lamps. Combine them with other solutions smoothly diffused light to illuminate the space and avoid shaded areas.

room decoration

Dress your bed with soft materials

A bed well made and pretty, makes time to go to sleep in a pleasure, not a routine. Natural textures such as cotton and linen, add warmth and comfort to the bedroom. These are very pleasant to the touch, and if they are soft colors, a very relaxing visual appearance is achieved.

Avoid distractions

Leave mobile and electronics out of the bedroom to rest in conditions. Use books, always good to read for a while before bedtime. This helps distract the mind and prepares us for disconnection of problems.

Put your clothes in a small space

Open storage solutions, occupy less space and help keep the garments ordered and localized. The open environment allows you to create an area to dress away from the resting area. It also prevents keep clothes that do not need and that only cause disorder. In this way, you can take less time in get dressed if you have all your clothes in sight.

Comfortable floors

Although the protagonist of the room decoration furniture is the bed, stepping warmth is the best that can happen after a good rest. Choose warm floors such as solid wood or plywood, and dress them with wool carpets long hair tucked in your feet when walking barefoot. There are plenty of models and colors that can be adjusted to your style and your pocket.

room decoration

Now that you already have everything, do you know how to distribute it?

Don’t worry. Here’s the solution: The bed is the centerpiece of the whole decoration. Based on that, you can place a small tables on both sides of the bed (preferably 40 cm. Minimum). If the bedroom is large, you can add a bench at the foot to use as a boudoir. As for guidance, place the head of the bed on one side of the window, never behind or in front, so the light will not bother you.

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