Lighting is one of the most important factors for decoration in any house or apartment. This item must be located strategically in each room of the home, to achieve a special atmosphere.

Lighting helps you create the space in which you unwind, making it more comfortable and pleasant. Every space in our home needs different lighting: The living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, are waiting to show off their splendor, once you know everything you can do with the different light sources you have at your fingertips.

The shades of the colors of the furniture, walls and floor, as well as the distribution of the natural lighting focal points of ceilings and walls, must be considered to know the intensity of light that we will need for each space of our house or apartment.

Your house illuminated by zones

Well-lit living room

The living room is the most multifunctional room in the home, so its lighting should be the most flexible. In the area of ​​the sofa, is recommended to have direct light for reading, watch TV or have a good time in company, through spotlights or ceiling lamps. It combines with the rest of the corners ambient lighting, which can be obtained with floor or table lamps next to the furniture, to accompany you with the warmth of diffused light. And lastly, spot lighting in various areas with a soft light that helps you to rest the view of the television.

A dimmer is a good way to adjust the brightness at any time.

Lighting in the dining room

In the dining room, the ceiling lamps are the protagonists and guarantee the adequate lighting of dishes and drinks. If the table is round or square, it will be enough a single model centered on it. But if it is rectangular, it is advisable to use two models to avoid that the diners of the ends remain in shadow. The suspended lamps approach the tablecloth without crossing the limit that marks the height of the eyes, regularly to 60 or 70 cm of height. And at the time of coffee, they use floor or table lamps, which invite relaxation and talk.


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Lighted kitchen for all activities

The kitchen is a very busy place in the home and requires cleaning every day. In this environment, all accessories can be exposed to grease, so it is recommended to use lamps that can be cleaned simply. The most suitable ones may be aluminum or glass. For cooking, you can install work lights or worktops for added visibility and flexibility.


Installing spotlights on kitchen furniture and shelves, makes it easy to find what you need and also enhance your furniture and tableware.


Shining bathrooms

The lighting in the bathroom should provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, so you can overload it with different types of lights or lamps. You can place lights around the mirror, for greater visibility at the time of fixing, a ceiling lamp that will help you when cleaning and ambient lights for comfort (in this case you can use candles).


Bedrooms that don’t sleep

In the bedroom, it is ideal to place dim lights on both sides of the bed. This type of light provides a correct illumination and a relaxing atmosphere, especially for readings while lying down. To make good use of space, small lamps can be placed on the wall next to the headboard, which can be moved and directed to a specific location. In addition to general ceiling lighting, you can place bulbs aimed at the closet and chests of drawers to easily find clothes; Complementing it with integrated lighting inside the drawers and shelves.

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