Panama was the Central American country that attracted more foreign direct investment in 2014, and one of the highlights in Latin America with an overall negative result.

A report by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean published yesterday, found that Panama received foreign investment by U.S. $ 4,719,000, representing a 1% increase over U.S. $ 4,654,000 investment from the previous year. Throughout Central America, foreign investment was U.S. $ 10.480 million, which means that the country attracted more than 45% of that capital.

Panama also is the territory that receives investment as a percentage of gross domestic product in Latin America, with 10%. Followed by Chile (with more than 8%) and Nicaragua (7%). The Latin American average is slightly above 2%.

Also, each day grows the number of established franchises in Panama. In recent years, it has surpassed the 200 franchises.

Panama remains a leader in attracting investment in Central America.

Why settle in Panama?

The attractiveness of the local market is not only the results of the banking sector, as there are several sectors that maintain steady growth, such as construction, tourism, international trade and services in general.

Financial activity has strengthened its regional leadership, driven by consumer banking (83%), corporate banking, private banking, insurance industry and the stock market.

Why entrepreneurs and multinational companies choose to settle in Panama?

Panama has many advantages. It has a great climate, geographical location is strategic for any business, in addition to political and economic situation is stable so far.

What are the main attractions that attract the interest of foreign investors to settle in Panama?

The Panamanian economy has demonstrated its resilience and macroeconomic stability, registering high growth in recent years, amid uncertain global conditions.

In recent years, this country has positioned itself among the leaders of the region in attracting foreign direct investment, which has been directed mainly to sectors such as logistics, energy, real estate, the Colon Free Zone and financial services.

There is an ambitious public investment plan aimed at improving the business environment, with significant investments in the infrastructure for an estimated amount of US $ 13,600 million, a figure that does not include the investment of US $ 5,250 million in the Panama Canal expansion.

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