It has always been thought that living in a high rise building, can involve high costs. The skyscrapers that are currently in the city of Panama, provide homes whose costs are not as accessible for those who want to invest. That is why an innovative Canadian construction company is considering investing in Panama with a new concept of affordable housing within the city.

Gogetit Highlights

* A recognized and rewarded group of architects and interior designers known as Core Architects Inc., based in Canada, is looking to take their concept of unique skyscraper that combines affordable prices.

* Core Architects projects are characterized by being eclectic and creative. One of them is the Fashion House in Toronto.

* The convenience of urban living and aesthetically pleasing addition to friendly buildings with the environment, are the main features of Core Architects.

In Panama City, is very common to find large buildings like skyscrapers all over the town. This provides housing solutions for many people, but most of these houses have prices that not everyone can afford. This is where Core Architects presents an option to invest in skyscrapers but under the concept of affordable housing.

According to information published by The Visitor website, and according to statements by Babak Eslahjou, one of the oldest members of Core Architects, “Skyscrapers are the perfect solution for affordable housing in the city center, where the abandoned areas and small irregular plots can be used to create buildings able to be a micro community with shops, restaurants, parking lots, playgrounds, squares and street access without compromising the peace and security.”

There is one important fact: The low-rise buildings create two different classes. However, with higher buildings, you can buy a small apartment at a reasonable price and it goes hand in hand with the community.

On this group of architects website,, you can see the different projects that are characterized for being tall buildings offering low cost housing.

Eslahjou explained that “Panama has areas like this one in the center of the city where this concept can work very well, which allows people to stay in the city without having to go to the suburbs in search of affordable housing.” That’s why Panama City is considered as an interesting place to visit and live, reasons why the company is looking for partners to launch housing projects here.

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