The buildings in Panama, many years ago, never imagined being branded as “skyscrapers”. Today, these buildings (and the lot there) certainly have drawn attention worldwide, comparing Panama with major cities like New York, San Francisco and Miami. In this article, we will review wich are the tallest buildings in Latin America, ranking that Panama occupies almost all the top spots.

Buildings in Panama – Gogetit Highlights

* Panama has become a city of skyscrapers on the seafront, like American cities such as New York, San Francisco and Miami.

* Since 1970, construction of buildings in Panama began strongly, starting with the International Banking Center, composed of impressive buildings and arenas that were used for the XI Central American Games and the Caribbean at the time.

* Since 1990, were built the most luxurious buildings, which predicted the development of modern infrastructure tallest in the city.

The evolution of the construction of buildings in Panama, has occurred since about thirty years ago. At that time, the building known as Paitilla Hotel (now known as Plaza Paitilla Inn), was the tallest one, measuring 70 meters high. However, many projects have been developed since that time, and this building is now one of the smallest in the sector.

With years, in 90’s decade, were built the most luxurious buildings with modern infrastructure, being the tallest in the city. An example of this type of building, was the Platinum Tower, which has 47 floors and 158.5 meters, well known due to its location in Punta Paitilla and because, at the time, the condominium building built with steel system postensed and the tallest tower in the country that year. In 1996, the Miramar Towers, located on Avenida Balboa and Calle Federico Boyd, hotel and residential complex with its 55 floors and 168 meters, were the tallest buildings in Panama in 1996 and 1997 were built.

Ten years later, skyscrapers in Panama filled areas like Punta Pacifica and Avenida Balboa. In this sector, the taller tower is located: Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower, which has the shape of a sail deployed if you see it from the sea or from the shore, but from the inside, shows the shape of a butterfly. It was inaugurated by the American tycoon Donald Trump. This construction, until 2012, was the highest in the region, surpassed by the Great Tower built in the capital Santiago de Chile.

However, there was a building that would surpass all the skyscrapers that exist today: The Financial Tower, 69 floors and 427 meters high, the cost was estimated at U.S.$ 250 million. The tower, thought to become the tallest building in Latin America, would have a popular viewpoint and should be ready this year. However, the project was canceled by the government of Panama for their high financial and political cost.

Here we present the Top 15 of the tallest buildings in Latin America:


buildings in Panama

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