Line 3 of Panama’s Subway, which is still in the consultation phase, will be the largest railway system in the country, covering 160,697 hectares and has an estimated cost of two billion dollars. In our article today, we’ll take a look at some of the more significant aspects of this construction.

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* Line 3 will be the longest railway line. Line 1 had a length of nearly 15 kilometers to San Isidro, while Line 2 will cover 22 kilometers to the 24 de Diciembre area.

* The construction of Line 3 will bring benefits to urban areas such as Arraiján, Nuevo Arraiján, City of the Future, La Chorrera and even Panama City.

* It is expected that line 3 provide services to residents of western capital, from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. The schedule results in an operating range of 17 hours, which would mean having two work shifts.

The Metro de Panama, a major rail system that has benefited from a little more than a year to many people in the country, will have a Line 2 and Line 3. Although there is no exact date to start construction work of this project, is been informed that the Line 3 will be the longest of all, highly benefiting the inhabitants of the area of ​​Panama West.

According to information published by website, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of this work has been supported by the Ministry of Environment and right now is in the evaluation and public consultation phase. In fact, already they have been held two public forums with area residents in western Panama.

The work of Line 3 will include the construction of the railway line and 14 elevated stations spread across 27 kilometers from Albrook to City of the Future, in the district of Arraijan, taking the Interamerican Way. In the City of the Future, Line 3 will have a workshop courtyard, with maintenance activities, parking station, wash cars, change tires, rails and storage offices implemented, among other structures that require the work to be put on going. In addition, it is building a platform emergency midway between stations Loma Cova and Panama-Pacific area.

The report states that “According to the analysis of the work, not generate major disruptions on the environment or the population own a building development of this type that rises in previously operated and disturbances will be duly compensated areas.”

The estimated start-up date of Line 3, could be late 2019 or early 2020. It is expected to mobilize 27,899 people per hour with trains arriving every 3.33 minutes, which will be equivalent to 29 trains per hour between this station and west of the line. The trains carry all the way from Albrook to City of the Future, in a period of 39 minutes 55 seconds.

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