Already was unveiled which one will be the company responsible for the construction of the second artificial island in Panama: The Dutch dredging company Royal Boskalis Westminster, which has won a contract Insular American Company.

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* The Dutch company Royal Boskalis Westminster was the winner of the contract to allow the construction of the second artificial island in the area of ​​Punta Pacifica.

* The work is scheduled to begin this 2015 and is expected to last two years, nine hectares of land comprising.

* The value of the work is around U.S.$ 58 million (or 55 million euros).

Ocean Reef Islands is a project of residential islands that has been taking place in Panama from about three years ago. This project consists of two islands, totally artificial, which will have condominiums to live.

The first island has already been built but the second island does not exist yet. However, it was revealed that the Dutch company Royal Boskalis Westminster will be responsible for the construction of the second island, as it did with the first one.

According to information published by IHS Maritime 360 website, the project worth 55 million euros (equivalent to 58 million dollars) and seeks the successful completion of a first island that Boskalis gave his client Ocean Reef Island in early 2013. Importantly, American Insular Company is a company Ocean Reef Island affiliate members.

Work is scheduled to begin this 2015 and is expected to last for two years. The total area of ​​the island is nine hectares of land. The construction technique involves the use of about 600,000 m3 of rock to form a perimeter and filling it with 1.3 million cubic meters of sand. A bridge connecting the first island on the new island will also be built.

For the construction of this second island, are optimized working methods and equipment for this project. The rock needed to build the perimeter of the island, is obtained from the quarry of the client in Panama.

Boskalis tugs and barges used to transport the stone, and excavators to install the perimeter of rocks, while a suction hopper dredger output (TSHD) filled with sand.

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