Today we bring you the Top 5 in areas rental in Panama City, and is to choose which area we live in a city is very important.

Panama City has everything needed for a comfortable life; has hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers, office complexes and industrial and greenery. But within the city there are more in demand than others, when choosing an apartment to rent areas.


Gogetit Highlights

  • The five most in demand for rental apartments in Panama during the 2014 areas were: San Francisco, Balboa Avenue, Costa del Este, Punta Pacifica – Paitilla and El Cangrejo.
  • The average price per square meter rent in the third quarter of 2014, located at the Punta Pacifica-Paitilla as the highest of the five zones with an average price of US$ 17.00 per square meter, followed by the Avenida Balboa with US$ 16.00 per square meter, Costa del Este US$ 15.00, San Francisco with a price of US$ 12.00 per square meter, and finally the most accessible area would be El Cangrejo with US$ 11.00 per square meter.

TOP 5 rental apartments in Panama 2014:

SAN FRANCISCO, one of the most central areas of the city, where there are several shopping areas, restaurants and banks. Among its buildings include San Francisco Bay, Infinity or Pacific Coast. The average prices per square meter stood at US$ 12.00.

AVENIDA BALBOA, is the most modernized area of Panama City, its location is central, has all amenities and is well connected. It’s perfect for sports enthusiasts as it has the Cinta Costera, one of the largest for sport outdoor areas. Almost all its architecture is modern and spacious, highlighting buildings such as Destiny, Allure at the Park or Yacht Club. On Avenida Balboa rental prices per square meter as they have remained throughout the year at US$ 16.00, making it one of the areas with the highest rent in town.

COSTA DEL ESTE, this area is located towards the edge of downtown, is the first planned city area, with schools, shops and office complexes, ideal for families or people who do not mind moving carriage made the center of the city, with access to major highways. In Costa del Este include properties such as Antigua, Riverside or Pearl Tower, among others. The price per square meter rent in this area stands at US$ 15.00.

PUNTA PACÍFICA – PAITILLA is one of the most demanded at the time of rental apartments in Panama areas. This is the area with the highest density of buildings per square meter, is located on the coast of Panama City, which enjoys great views over the Pacific. It is one of the most exclusive areas of the city, where you can find everything from hospitals and shopping areas, to the famous Multiplaza Mall, one of the best known of Panama. Among his buildings include the Trump Ocean Club, Pacific Point, Oasis or Mystic Point. Today this area the price per square meter is at US $ 17.00.

EL CANGREJO is one of the most demanded in the city when renting an apartment, for great reasons areas, it is a very central and well connected, from El Cangrejo can walk to different areas of the city . A turn is an area with lots of shopping and leisure activity because it has a large concentration of restaurants and bars on Via Argentina and around. So it is ideal for young families and expatriates. A turn is the area with the lowest rental five. Currently renting stands at US$ 11.00 per square meter. These features make it one of the most demanded service level and price zones.


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