Tourism in Panama, it has grown and is not focused exclusively on capital. The interior of the country and other provinces have seen an increase in this sector. Provinces in the Panamanian Caribbean, as Bocas del Toro, Colon, Chiriquí, among others, have far greater demand than in previous years thanks to investments by companies and tourist activities.

The country has a stable government, a consolidated democracy, which has led to legal security and created an ideal place to invest, besides being in a period of high and sustained economic growth framework.

Many entrepreneurs invest in homes, hotels, shopping centers or properties in different parts of the country, especially in areas where there are beaches, as these are more attractive for tourists who visit Panama, and that often are left to live.

The loud booming market residential projects listed in the Panamanian Caribbean that are of great value as the Bala Beach resort Restort Caribbean Sea was the first real estate project in desarrollase in Portobelo, among others ranging from apartments or houses with the same order meet all the recreational needs.

Panamanian Caribbean

The real estate development on the beaches is being absorbed 50% of Panamanian families, the rest by foreign and Venezuelan, Canadian, Colombian and US.

This is due to investments being made on different roads to ease traffic, because in Panama does not take five to eight hours to reach the ‘dry arc’, which makes it very attractive quality of life, and that ‘Coronado is now a city, it has hospitals, like Buena Ventura, a clinic of San Fernando, increasing the attraction of foreigners, by having hospital services’ as well as supermarkets, banks and other services.

Panamanian Caribbean – Bocas del Toro

The real estate boom in the country with the construction of dozens of skyscrapers of Panama now points to the heavenly archipelago of Bocas del Toro Panama, in the Panamanian Caribbean, near the border with Costa Rica.

There you will find resorts, beaches with warm, clear waters where you can practice a number of water sports, a rich marine wildlife and lush vegetation.

The islands of Bocas del Toro are the essence and mirror the Panamanian Caribbean. They are located at the western end of the country, just 40 kilometers from the Republic of Costa Rica This archipelago is the perfect combination of nature and cultural historical traditions, captivate with a variety of aquatic species, coral reefs, mangroves, tropical forests, pristine beaches, forests accompanied disturbing all imaginable type of flora and fauna.

Bocas del Toro has a rich ethnic culture, it reflected through the traditions, customs, cuisine, music, dance and other events afroantillanas; combined with the indigenous culture that still remains intact and magically transports us to the roots of the American continent.

Panamanian Caribbean

Looking beyond the sand, sea and palm trees. We can realize that Bocas town is more than a slum. The Panamanian Caribbean has remained underdeveloped and largely inaccessible.

But this is changing. It’s time to have a fresh and contemporary than it is part of the Caribbean in Panama Bocas del Toro specifically focus. Here we tell you why:

Varela President of Panama has requested tenders for a new road in Santa Fe, in the countryside, in the Caribbean coast of Panama. The only province in Panama that has access to both oceans Pacific as well as Caribbean will Veraguas. Once this road is complete, you will be able to enjoy breakfast in the Pacific, with an ocean view, lunch in the cooler mountainous region of Santa Fe, and dinner in the Caribbean channel. This will increase the chance of cruise lines stopping in Bocas del Toro, Rio Bethlehem and Portobelo, the three main destinations in the Caribbean of Panama, and the tourist authority of the country is in active discussions with cruise lines on extending its offer along this coast.

The first step for the new infrastructure of Bocas del Toro, and in the Casco is re locating illegal residents. The government is building 5,000 new homes with the intention of moving any illegal or unofficial resident. The second step will try to launch the renovation of the old colonial structures in the city center, starting from the sea extiendiendose 16 blocks back. This area of two square miles will become a duty-free zone as the Colon Free Zone.

As mentioned, it’s time for a fresh look at this part of Panama that has been forgotten and inconsiderate for new real estate developments and investments. This Caribbean coast currently has some of the most interesting investment opportunities in the region.

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